“We’re here!”


It’s well known within inner circles in D.C. that the government has long had diplomatic ambassadors on Alpha
Century, Kling On, Vulcan and other ET governments. One of them traded laser tech, like that Navy laser cannon, for our water, after they did a study on our oceans. Sometime after that Al Gore misconstrued the Bahssoom data on our oceans, and declared a global warming emergency. In the early 1940s they received the secrets to the atom in exchange for the captured Roswell, Alpha Centauri, ETs. Then in 1947 there was that terrible Philly
experiment, a tragedy because our eggheads misunderstood the Vulcan equations. This has been going on for centuries! Who do you think built the Spinx and all of those pyramids around the world? John McCain is an ET, so is Biden, Elvis was one too, and so were Tezla and Einstein. They were perhaps the most brilliant of them all. By the by
so is Obama. There are others, some are celebs, like Nick Cage the time traveler, and clairvoyants Cindy Lauper,
and Shirley McClain. Cage came from Altarious. Lauper and McClain came from Pigu. In the sports world there have
been a few too like, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGuire. They weren’t on any drugs. Those dudes are off
world people. They were just having fun and got carried away with their shenanigans, forcing the government to
come up with a cover story…steroids.  Of course to corroborate the fabrication, Bahsoon had to come up with the
magic pills. At any rate there are XFiles on many of them, and there are numerous in our government. Truly the
capital and Hollywood are full of space cadets. If you don’t believe me…check out: “We live among you!” Just click
on “READ THE ENTIRE STORY,” above.  Also check out the Glossary and Characters.  Enjoy!


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