Characters and Glossary


Orniz, nickname of Orb Ornious, our protagonist
Gloria, his earthly wife
Bobby, Ornis’ oldest son 7,
Kate, daughter 5, middle child
Tad, the baby 2
Yanis,    1st bff
Doobiz, 2nd bff
Nancis a crew member who died during their crash landing
Yorbiz, another crew member who died
Mr. Bullocks, the premier

                       Members of our secret community

                       The ladies, born here of Inter Galactic couples
Evelyn, parents came from Guanos. Bullocks’ adopted daughter, and
personal assistant.
Cho Cha personal assistant to Bullocks
Dominia assistant to Evelyn
Devouria gorgeous gal pal of Evelyn
Fusima another gorgeous gal pal of Evelyn
Magentia a lovely associate of Fusima
Minxia a pal of Magentia

                       Bullock’s Staff

Alca Poo Ria from Penday hoe
Dolian, from Guanos
Koinus, from Xnabis
Konyo, from Dummbatz
Nooyo Kino from Karahoe


Jokid a conspirator from Merday
Sek Si a coconspirator from Sheeba
Nookodubididy, recent arrival from Doobidizes,
Zoutious, Nookodubididy’s ship mate
Ton Cul, scientist, and cloning artiste from Merday
Toid a conspirator from Wanker
Teebit and Dorbik, Merdaysians
Toi Noun a clone conspirator from Ton Cul Noun
Dan Che a another clone conspirator from Pigu
Bond another conspirator from Wanker
Ma Mau a conspirator


                     Juanito’s, a taco Joint near Ornis


Aranjaynion, Ornious’ home world in a system in our Milky Way

Dubidizes a world in a distant galaxy

                      Gamboozia a far away Galaxy and its worlds

Merday                 (French)
Toi Noun              (French)
Kak                        (Hindi)
Khaneeth           (Arabic)
Whanker             (British)
Buco del culo    (Italian)
Dummbatz,        (German)
Shmenah,           (Hebrew)
Govno                  (Russian)

                      The Gaysian Galaxy

Sheeba           (Korean)
Ketsunoana   (Japan)
Pigu                   (Chinese)
Antar II

                                Xnabis a galaxy near the center of the Cosmos

Guanos, Evelyn’s home world
Toi Noun  (French)

                               The Knousian Galaxy at the edge of the universe

Con Yo
Ku Koo Klanxen
Tai Ino

                                   Klatu Nextoos Galaxy, parallel to the Knousian, and its worlds

Nextousia, Bullocks’ home world
Ha Ju Yah

                                     Some words

Aba, the Creator, (Aramaic)
Amazab, same as there it is
Babagomazaga, together as one
alabassa en durby, greetings my brother, in Nextusian
Garboozle, Aranjaynion, a greeting, same as hiya
Gammama, Aranjaynion, an androgynous soul
Gaybloom, Nextusian, same as a gammama
IGT Inter Galactic Texting device
Jouniquien a mineral used for energy and star ships
Magun, a personal cloaking device
Mamazab same as Eureka
MD an MDE monitoring and mind programming device
MDE, a mind data extractor
Ome kaka same as Oh shit
Zouineer pole, similar to a lightning rod, to attract magnetic energy

In the Bible, it says, “Behold I create new realms,” and in the Gospel, Jesus says,
“In my Father’s house there are many mansions.”  To me our Father’s
house is all of creation.

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