The grand reunion

So right now we need to seriously consider where that message will go.”

      “Yea, and what it will say,” I added.

      “They did us all a favor after all,” Yanis smiled.

      “Yea, it would be way cool to go home,” Doobiz added.

      “We seem to be getting closer to resolving this situation. But we need to get those kooks, they should have come to us with their scheme. They broke our laws, and we need to find them before they do something really stupid again.”

      “Yea it would really screw things up if the world found out about us because of them.”

      “It would be worse if they went to China or North Korea and revealed themselves in
exchange for help with their selfish plans.”

     “That could start another world war, here.”

     “For sure those dumb asses in Korea would start one if they thought they had an edge.”

     “Let’s hope they aren’t that selfish.”

     “If some of our worlds found out we were here and started a holocaust, it would be the end for all of us. We have no business being here in the first place.

      “That is true! The Aranjaynion council would not like it at all.

      “So what do we have so far…anything?”

      “We need to get back to Koinus and see if he got anywhere. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

   At that very moment Koinus walked in shaking his head.

     “Sir, the good news is the guys at the base believe they can modify the IGT.  If we can get enough jouniquiem, we can send out a message. We’ll be able to transmit. Not much is needed, only a few kilograms. At the moment they’re disassembling it for transport here. It should be here tomorrow. All we need is the element. If we make the transmission from here nobody will be able to detect it.

     “That’s great news, man, and we can get more than a few kilogra .”  Yanis gleefully smiled as he rubbed his hands together.

    “I gather that is the good news.” Bullocks remarked.

      “Yes sir!” Koinus responded.

      “So what’s the bad news?”

      “It’s not so bad sir, it’s just we don’t know where those bozos are. The rest of those clowns have been very cooperative, but the fact is they don’t know anything about them. They were the ones who made the initial contact, and then set everything up. So they could be any where. They ‘re very tight so it’s very possible the three of them are together somewhere.

      “We should try Buenos Aires,” I mentioned.

      “What do you know,” Dooobiz interjected.

      “When I was digging around into this I asked Dorbik if knew any of them. He told me that Teebit ran into the three of them at a café down there. He called them the three stooges. Teebit and Dorbik like to tango, and they go down there all the time. He told me when Teebit ran into them, they gave him a cold shoulder, they just froze him out. He took the hint and left them alone. After that he started calling them the three stooges. So it’s possible they may live down there. After all they did crashed in the Andes, and they may have settled down there. Nobody has ever seen them anywhere else.”

      “Then let’s send a team down there as soon as possible.” Bullocks smiled.

      “Why not let Teebit and Dorbik go instead. They know the area, and they may know where to look. All they have to do is find them and let us know where to go. I’m sure they feel safe down there. Hell they may be walking around as carefree as a bear in the woods. If they spot any of us they’re going to disappear. But they have no reason to suspect them, they’ve seen them there before.”

      “That makes sense why not let Cho Cha call and ask them.” Doobiz added.

      “Koinus go tell her…no, no let Evelyn do it. She talks to them all the time. Now all we have to do is sit and wait it out. Once these assholes are reprogrammed we can concentrate on modifying the IGT. Send our S.O.S. message and finally, and we can all go…”

      “HOME,” Yanis loudly interjected with a big smile.

     When Zoutious and Nookodubididy’s ship crashed in the Andes they were fortunate to find a saviour. Aho was from Karahoe, a world in the Klatu Nexto galaxy. He had been stranded here for more than a century. When he saw what everybody thought was a meteorite in the night sky, he immediately recognized a star ship. He raced to find it before the authorities, and arrived just after the explosion to find Zoutious and Nookodubididy scurrying away. He greeted them with a smiled and with their translators they soon realized he too was an off world soul.

       “Peace, I mean you no harm. I come from Karahoe in the Klatu galaxy.”

      They embraced him, and he took them to his home. There he explained that they were in the southern continent of the planet’s western hemisphere. That it was culturally, if not politically, united by a common alpha tongue.

      “How long have you been here,” Zoutious asked.

      “Longer than I want to remember and alas…it seems I shall die here.”

      “Have you never tried to go home,” Nookodubididy asked.

      “It’s useless! The science here is too primitive, and if the natives find out you’re from out there somewhere. Brother! They will dissect your ass. It’s best to walk among them in secret. The elements we need to build a transmitter have not yet been discovered here. And forget about building a ship.”

      “No offense Aho but I do not want to die here,” Zoutious exclaimed.

      “Then you need to find other off world beings. I believe there are others, but I’ve never been able to find any. Perhaps I became too comfortable here. I don’t know, but now I’m too damned old. Soon I will return to my maker anyway, but as they say here, “Me casa su casa!”

      “What does that mean,” Nookodubbididy blurted out.

      “My house is your house. So stay as long as you want.”

      He showed them where to find gold in the mountains, how to extract it with their lasers, and where to exchange it for currency. He pleaded that they not live extravagantly, low key was best to remain safe. When Zoutious and Nookodubididy saw Buenos Aires, the Paris of Latin America, from the hills it reminded them of home. Not long after that Aho died, they cremated him and moved to the city. From there they started exploring the world, looking for other off world beings.

      Through the years they embraced Argentina, with its Tango and Yerba Matay. The strange new brew was an added bonus. Its high caffeine content heightened their senses, and soon dominated their day. They became regulars at different tea houses. Since they didn’t age after a while they aroused suspicion. So every few years they moved always bringing along their own personal bombillas to drink their matay. They learned the language, and spent their days hanging out at various tea houses. They sat at tables on the sidewalk, sipped matay and schemed to get back home.

      Teebit was in another zone as he walked down Avenida de Mayo thinking of his Tango

     “Look, isn’t that Teebit,” Jokid asked as he pointed at him.

     “Yea, what’s he doing here,” Zoutious nervously responded.

     “The last time we saw him, we froze him out,”

     “Do you think he knows anything,” Jokid continued.

     “Let’s call him over and find out,” Nookodibididy responded.

     So unlike their previous encounter, this time they greeted him with a smile, and invited him to their table. He was surprised when he saw Zoutious waving at him with a smile. He hadn’t been thinking of talking to them, he saw them, but he was just going to smile and keep walking. But suddenly,

     “Hey Teebit, how ya doing,” Zoutious smiled as he waved him over.

      Unlike them he was unaware of the events of the last few days. But they didn’t know and were surprised that he didn’t know.

      “What’s going on,” Teebit smiled.

      “Funny we were going to ask you the same thing,” Jokid responded.

      “Didn’t you go to Bullocks’ affair the other day,” Zoutious continued.

      “Nah! Dorbik and I hang at the links all day. We come home and just want to relax, man. The trip out east alone is enough to not go. It’s cold over there, man. Did you guys go?”

      “No that’s why we wanted to hear about it from you.” Nookodibididy smiled.

      “No time for that, just a bunch of guys with nothing else to do. When they figure out a way for us to go home, we’ll go check it out.”

      “So watcha doing here?”

      “If you wanna Tango you gotta come here, besides the weather is really nice at this time of year. Dorbik an me, we come here all the time, divo. We love the ladies, and the Tango, man. If it weren’t for them and golf we would have gone bananas a long time ago. But hey, we would give it all up for the chance to go home.”


      “In a Noo Yawk minute dude!”

      “So where you going now,” Jokid asked.

      “Divo…it’s Sunday, man.”


      “It’s Tango at the Plaza in San Telmo, man.”

      “Oh yea I forget.”

      “You mean to tell me you’ve been here all this time and you don’t Tango.”

      “You don’t know how long I’ve been here.”

      “True but since I see you every time I come by here, I figure you must be living here.”

      “We love matay, man. There’s nothing like it in the world,” Zoutious interjected.

      “Yea that’s true, but I never got into it, Dorbik doesn’t like it either. Caffeine is not good for us.”

      “So you’re just here for the ladies, uh.”

      “Yea and the beaches too, man,” he responded. Then he looked at his watch and continued, “Gotta go I’m late, man.”

      He left them at their table arguing and continued on his way. When Evelyn finally got to him the following day, he was delighted for the opportunity to hit on her.

      “And to what to do I owe this pleasure,” Teebit responded.

      “Oh I know you and Dorbik like to Tango…”

      “So you want me to teach you, uh,” he interjected.

      “That would be nice. Hey, have you ever been to Buenos Aires?”

      “We go there all the time.”

      “So have you ever seen Zoutious down there?”

      “You two have a thing?”

      “No no, Bullocks needs to talk to him, and I’m trying to find him. Those stooges are hard to find. Nobody seems to know where they live or how to get in touch with them. So I’m just making calls to try and find them.”

      “Oh so you don’t want to Tango, you just want to find the…stooges, he hee heee.

      “Oh no, I would really love to learn, but right now I need to find them. So you call them stooges too, uh. Why is that?”

      “Because my sweets they act like stooges all the time.”

      “So you see them often do you?”

      “Well Dorbik and I go to Buenos Aires all the time. We really believe they live there because every time we go there we run into them.”


      “Yea, there’s a tea house on Avenida de Mayo and every Sunday around four in the P.M. you’ll find them there. They spend their time drinking matay and shooting the bull. Methinks they’re gammamas.”

      “Why’s that?”

      “We’ve been going down there for a long time, and in all that time we’ve never seen them with a lady.”

      “Well maybe they’re being faithful to the one they left back home. You ever think about that?”

      “Anything’s possible, but we doubt it. So when are you coming out here for that Tango lesson?”

      “I’ll call you,” she sweetly responded and hung up.

      “Bullocks,” she yelled, “I just talked to Teebit and he tells me our stooges live in Buenos
Aires. And on Sundays at four in the afternoon, they hang out at a tea house on Avenue de Mayo.”

     “That is great news Eve, but we can’t wait until Sunday.”

      “Well from what Teebit tells me I think they’re addicted to Yerba Matay. So they must go to other tea houses down there. They don’t go to the Tango Salons. It seems they just drink tea and scheme on ways to go home. Jokid is down there with them right now.”

      “We need to go there, put a tail on them, and find out where they live. We’ll snag them and bring them here. I’ve got just the team too.”

      At the conference table, Bullocks looked around at everybody, and smiled.

      “Guys, we got them, they’re in Argentina. Buenos Aires to be exact! Yanis, we need you guys to go there and do your thing again. Alky and Con Yo will go with you. Your ship is too small to bring them all. So, they’ll land a bigger ship in the mountains. When you get them, bring them to Con Yo. They’ll bring them up here.”

      “Do you know exactly where they are?”

      “No you guys are going to have to hang around the tea houses on Avenida de Mayo. Look for them, and hope you get lucky.”

      “No problem there boss,” Con Yo declared, and continued, “Gauchos drink tea all the time. But four in the afternoon is a special time for tea drinkers down there. It’s almost a sacred ritual. So if these bozos have been living there they’ve become Argentinoes. We’ll find them.”

      “Yea we’ll stun em, and vanish with em,” Yanis winked at Bullocks.

      “That’s right boss, they’ll join the disappeared ones, he hee heee…” Alky interjected.

      “I guarantee it boss!” I added with a short chortle.

      “So when do we leave,” Doobiz added.

      “As soon as you can, yesterday would have been great. Any questions?”

      Since nobody had any, he responded,

      “Meeting’s adjourned. Let me know the minute you get back.”

      “Wish I could come do the Tango with you,” I overheard Evelyn whisper into Yanis’ ear.

      She saw me, and started to blush. So I smiled, winked at her, put a finger to my lips and whispered, “I never heard a thing,” as I continued to walk out the door.

      Once on the ship I called Gloria and brought her up to speed. Again she was miffed withme because she has always wanted to learn the Tango. We never really had a honeymoon, and here I was going to the home of the Tango without her.

      “You always tell her everything dude,” Yanis remarked.

     Doobiz had just finished talking to his better half, and he immediately responded,

      “Dude if you want to be happy you’d better be on the same page.”

     From a downtown hotel we took turns scouting the area for them. We wanted all three but if it was possible we would take them one at a time. We didn‘t have any luck the first two days, then on the third day Con Yo  spotted Zoutious walking by himself.

      “Hey guys I got Zoutious walking by himself,” he practically screamed into the phone.

      “Hold on a minute,” I responded, and continued, “let me ask the guys.”

      “Hey Con Yo has Z in his sights, should we pounce on him?”

      “It’s about time we got one of those ass holes…tell him to take his ass out,” Alky shouted.

     “Hold on a minute there,” Doobiz responded, and continued, “If Z disappears Nook will know something’s up. Those two are like Siamese twins, man. He’ll vanish immediately and we’re going to have a hell of a time finding him. I would rather we get Jokid first. Him vanishing will not cause the other two any agita. But if Jokid disappears, those clowns won’t worry for long. We’ll still be able to get them.”

      “Yea I have to agree with Doob,” Yanis countered, “Let’s wait until we can get the other two. Tell Con Yo to just follow him. See where he goes, maybe he’ll lead us to the other two.”

      “Con Yo just follow him, and get back to us,” I responded and ended the call.

      He followed him to an old building in the Moserrat district, and came back. The following morning, early, Alky strolled up and down Avenida de Mayo. At the same time Doobiz waited in a parked car across the street from their building. He was there like Elliot Ness waiting for Al Capone, hoping any of them would show up. Meanwhile Evelyn was calling every few hours looking for an update on the situation. But I really felt she was just calling to shoot the breeze with Yanis. His voice seemed to change when he talked with her, hell his whole persona changed. The dude was in love.

      That afternoon as Doobiz was starting to lose hope of catching any of them, Nook and Z calmly strolled out of the building. The street was empty. It was just the two of them, so he took the initiative and ran out of the car. He quietly came up from behind, and they never knew what hit them. Before anybody came upon the scene, he vanished with them. Then he took his time, slowly dragged them to an alley behind the building and called us.

      “I go them, I got the mofoes, man,” he screamed into the phone.

       Yanis pulled the phone away from his ear, stuck his pinky in it and twisted it around a bit, then asked,

       “Where are you?”

      “Right by their building, they’ll be out for a while, and if they come to, I’ll freaking zap them again.”

      “We’ll be right over,”

      Yanis called Alka Pooh Ria and told him to meet us by their home. Maria Juana, an old lady had been looking out of her second story window all day as she drank her Sherry. It was a quiet neighborhood, nothing ever happened, and she became tired of looking out at the street. So she decided to look out into the alley. At that same moment we arrived and when Doobiz saw us he reappeared with his captives. So as she looked out of her window, she saw Doobiz and his prisoners appear right out of the thin air. She freaked and screamed,


      We looked up and smiled at her, she looked down at us, then at her drink, then at us again.

     “Too much too drink,” Yanis yelled as he smiled and pointed his thumb into his mouth, as if he were having a drink. He meant to imply the kooks were drunk, but she misinterpreted it to mean that he was saying she was a drunk. So she yelled,

      “Tu madre!” (that’s Spanish for ya mama!)

      “Haw haw haw,” we cracked up. She slammed the window and went back to look out unto the street. She was there just in time to see us loading our prey into the car.

      We were helping Doobiz put them in the car when Yanis looked up and saw the old lady again. So once more he made his thumb drinking sign at her. Con Yo was too busy to see us, so I smiled at Yanis and together we vanished in front of her. She blinked several times, then she opened her window and stuck her head out to stare at us. We stayed out of sight until she closed her window and left, then we reappeared. A moment later she saw us and opened her window. She was staring at us again, so we smiled at her, and vanished.

      “Bastah,” (Enough!), she screamed as she threw her drink at us. Then she turned around and ran screaming inside. Her howling sounded like a banshee wailing through her open window.


      We reappeared silently laughing just as Alky showed up, and climbed into the car. The drive north out of the city took about an hour into the Pampas. Our ships were out in the middle of a field in nowhere, sitting on the grass in stealth mode. We took our bozos out of the car and led them into Con Yo’s ship. They returned to the moon, and we went back to wait for Jokid.

     For the next three days there was no sign of him, it was as if he had fallen off the planet. Though it was a certainty he wouldn’t go back home, he knew his transporter was broken, we had people in his apartment. We weren’t taking any chances. He knew his pals had vanished, disappeared without a trace, so he had to suspect us. We also had people at the airport, bus and train stations. They were in constant contact, and nobody had seen him, so he had to be in the city.

      Then on the third day, on a hunch, Doobiz went to the plaza. There he spotted Jokid ogling couples going through their Tango paces. He was zoned in oblivious to everything around him as he watched them do the Tango. Doobiz was sneaking up on him, as he was about to stun him, Jokid spied him out of the corner of his eye and ran. He alerted rest of us and chased him through the crowd. Jokid ran pushing couples out of his way to the ground. Doobiz ran after him jumping over them. They got up and joined the chase as Jokid ran into a park with Doobiz, and an angry mob after him.

      When we came on the scene, we spotted the mob with Doobiz up in front not too far behind Jokid as they ran up a bike trail. From where we were we noticed a cluster of trees, around a bend ahead of them. Yanis looked at me, smiled, and we ran up to the trees. There we waited for him, and as he turned around the bend, Yanis stunned him. He dropped like an exhausted runner at a marathon. We ran up and grabbed him just as the mob came into view. Some smiled and others broke into loud guffaws as they pointed at us.

      “Haw haw haw!”

      By that time the cops arrived. So we grabbed Jokid and vanished before their befuddled eyes. After a brief moment the disappointed horde turned to Doobiz, and screamed-

      “Get him!”

      But he was ahead of the mob, and as he ran from them, he vanished before them too.


      “Que jodienda!”


      They screamed and ran off in every direction screaming about ghost and monsters. We waited until the park was clear, then reappeared with Jokid, who was still stunned.

      “Next stop,” I announced and before I could finish the sentence…

      “The Moon,” Doobiz finished it for me.

      We called Koinus and asked him to meet us at the bottom of the hill. By the time we got there, he was waiting for us. We climbed into his car and headed back to our ship. We left the car by the side of the road and climbed aboard. When Jokid woke up we were half way to the moon. He scratched his head, looked around, and moaned…

      “So what now?”

      “That me pal is up to the council. But don’t worry you won’t be zapped. We aren’t savages.”

      At the hanger Bullocks greeted us with a big smile. Con Yo and Alky were there, and Jokid meekly went with them. We shook hands and Bullocks, smiled.

      “That’s it guys. We’re done.”

      “What are you going to do with him,” I asked.

      “Oh he’s going right back to his chair, just like the others. When he wakes up he won’t remember a thing.”

      “So then we go back to the same old?”

      “Oh no not at all,” he responded and continued. “Thanks to your jouniquiem we can now send a message from right here. We need to sort that out as soon as possible. The cool thing is we can get an immediate response. We have to work out what to say and whom to say it to, so that we can all go home.”

      “Sir that is indeed way cool, but there may be some people who won’t want to leave.”

      “True and that’s up to them, we aren’t forcing anybody to leave.”

      “Okay how about the Pigus and the others who live in those evil oppressive societies?”

      “Yea and the freaking Merday too, some of them want to colonize this paradise,” Yanis added.

      “Don’t worry they’re all being reprogrammed. Then we’re going to strand them somewhere, with a communicator, so that they can contact their people. They won’t ever remember being here. They won’t be a threat to anybody.”

      “And the rest of us, how do we work that out,” I asked.

      “Yea that’s a lot of people,” Doobiz added.

      “When we figure out whom to call, we’ll work that out too. But we’ve got time to do what ever we need to do, there‘s no hurry.”

      “So not too long from now we can expect a mother ship to rescue us.”

      “Yea, we just need to figure whose mother it’s going to be, uh.”

      “Are we going to play that silly game the kooks played back down there?

      “What game was that,” Bullocks asked with a raised eyebrow.

      “It’s a long story,” Yanis responded.

      “Oh no we’re more evolved than that,” I interjected.

      “So what do we do,” Yanis continued.

      “In the morning there will be a council meeting, and it’s going be resolved there.”

      “That will take forever!”

      “That forever will not be as long as so many of us have been here. Resolving it in the council will prevent any animosities from developing. It will be handled properly. I’ll make a formal announcement. We can contact our peoples. I’ll ask them to nominate whom ever they want to be the first contact. They’ll discuss it and make a decision then we’ll send our message.”

      “That sounds so simple.”

      “Because it is,” he responded.

      In a very short time, and unanimously, the council chose Bullocks. We all trust him, love him, and he also happens to be the one who has been here the longest. His people have also been at peace in their galaxy for millennia. We won’t have to worry about anybody coming here to upset the natural order. The message was simple, concise, to the point and it was directed to the head of their interstellar relations council. It pretty much was an intergalactic S.O.S. He made it clear that he had been stranded here for a very long time. It’s a primitive society, and its science hasn’t evolved yet. After years of trying we were finally able to put together an IGT. We need help to get home. He emphasized his longing to come home, and explained that there were others with him in a similar predicament. We needed help he pleaded. He explained that it was a very complex situation which couldn’t be clarified in so short a message. He released a copy for all us to read, and make suggestions. We left it as he wrote it, and he ended it with anxiously awaiting your response. It was sent, and we waited.

      A day passed, a short reply arrived, and he translated for us. It read,

      “We’re sad to hear of your fix. We’ll come as soon as you give us your location.”

      “People,” he joyfully exclaimed, “We’re going home at last.”

     He immediately sent our stellar location in this nebulous galaxy. He gave them the quadrants to the yellow star and its system, and where we were on the moon of the third orb. He included our position on its dark side.

      If an ant could see a seven forty seven and grasp what it is…it would be in shock. Thenshould she try to convey her experience to her peers they would not believe her. That was pretty much our response the next day when a star ship appeared. It was like a saucer and it was humongous. But it wasn’t from  Nextousia. We couldn’t identify it, and fearing the worst we feared making contact.

      “Merday!” Doobiz exclaimed.

      “Are you sure,” Bullocks asked.

      “Oh absolutely, sir.”

      “Then those bozo’s message made it through. It came to us and went on to Merday. That’s their ship responding.”

      “Oh hell if they examine this planet they may want to colonize it, and we’ll be in for it.”

      “We!” I exclaimed, and continued, “How about those poor souls down there?”

      “Yea many of us have families down there we’ll be forced to join the struggle.”

      “Well we’re waiting for my people to come, they won’t allow it.”

      “Are we going to see a galactic battle”

      “Damn! Those people down there, we’ll be exposed to them, and all their notions of life are going to be shattered.”

      “Half of them are going to be in shock!”

      “Let’s not rush to negative conclusions, let us wait and see what they do. At this moment the Merday are cloaked and in orbit. They can’t be seen. Let’s hope that before they do anything my people will arrive.”

      “What happens then?

      “We’ll make contact with them and hopefully have a fruitful dialogue.

     “That ship is huge, sir. I doubt they’re going to be intimidated.

     “True Merday live under the notion that might is right. It took a coalition, a federation ofplanets to convince them out of their colonizing ways. Right now they can’t colonize anybody in their galaxy, but this place has no such protection. As far as they’re concerned it’s fair game.”

      “Indeed evil works under that presumption but let us wait and see. They surely aren’t going to start a war down there at the moment. They’ll be calling home, alerting their superiors, and they’ll discuss it. They’ll make plans, and if they decide to colonize they’ll send a fleet. That will take time. We can wait a day or two, by them my people will be here. I assure you they will not allow it. It’s our culture we aren’t colonizers. We believe in letting souls evolve and discover their way in the universe. Those souls down there are on their way, but they still have a long way to go. Nextousia will defend them, count on it.

     The next day an orb shaped like Saturn materialized out of the darkness. Its rings spinning as the ship hovered over our enclave. It was at least twice as large as the first and we feared it was Merday, but when Bullocks saw it, he joyfully proclaimed,

      “It’s my people!”

      A moment later two smiling souls dressed in what looked like blue neon leisure suits
appeared beside him,

     “Calabassa en durby,” one uttered as he embraced Bullocks.

      With tears in his eyes Bullocks embraced him, and it was such a joyous reunion that all of us had tears in our eyes. Then using his translator so that all could understand, he said

      “I’m Morkious, commander of the Musha above, and this is indeed my bother. For so long we thought he had come to some terrible end. Truly this is a joyous moment for me. His friends are our friends and if we can be of assistance then please don’t hesitate to ask.”

      We were beside ourselves with great joy, and pretty much speechless. All we could do was to nod our heads in agreement and smile. So Bullocks put his arm around his brother they hugged for a long moment. Then Bullocks started to explain the situation.

      “The world below is truly a paradise its souls are evolving but they haven’t yet harnessed the mag nor travelled among the stars. There are many nations and there are enmities, some have mastered the atom. There are countless wars and some have been too horrible for words to describe. But among the masses there are beautiful souls with great understanding of the universal laws. Still as with so many other worlds, their leaders, though with good intentions, manage to create havoc.”

      “Yes many souls with good intentions somehow manage to create evil and madness.”

      “That is a condition where ever there are societies.

      “So it is here. There are many souls from all over the cosmos stranded here, some for countless solar cycles. Over time we’ve managed to form a secret society. We do not want this world to become aware of us. We fear doing them harm.”

      With great amain Morkious and his lieutenant listened as Bullocks continued.

      “Recently we discovered a conspiracy to create an IGT that would’ve exposed us. But by grace we were blessed to discover Jouniquiem. At the same time as our discovery we were able to dismantle the conspiracy and capture the conspirators. They just wanted to go home, but they went about it in the worst possible way. Fortunately we were able to use jouniquiem with their IGT and send our S.O.S. to you. Unfortunately before we were able to subdue the rascals, they managed to send a message to their home. It’s a world in the Gamboozian Galaxy, and its people are colonizers. There is a federation within their galaxy and it forbids colonizing. But this world is outside of Gamboozia and as far as they’re concerned it’s fair game. Two days ago one of their star ships arrived and at this very moment it’s orbiting the world below.”

      “Yes we know they’re in stealth mode, and we’ve detected them. We were hoping they were on a rescue mission.”

      “One can only hope.”

      “Zeuyou go back up and place all personnel on alert. Should any other ships arrive alert me at once. Also send a message back home and let them know our conditions here. We aren’t going to allow any colonizing here.”

      “Yes sir,” he responded and at once disappeared.

      “Meanwhile Bullocks you must alert your comrades to make plans to return home. We have room for as many as there may be.”

      “Brother some have been here so long they’ve mated with souls below, many have families here, and may not want to return.”

      “That is their will. They can stay but at least offer them the opportunity to stay, return or to at least send a message home to their families.”

      “We have a council, I will have them convene at once, and I will introduce you.”

      Then Bullocks introduced us to his brother.


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