The Raid

     “Ha! Ya missed by a mile. I thought you were a pro, man.” Ma Mau laughed.

      After him Dan Che ran to the table, quickly scribbled his name on a piece of paper, and
ran to the door. He smiled and imitating Zoutious, nervously tried a set shot. It landed just
outside, away from the larger circle, and rolled to just within the second circle.

      “Damn! Damn, damn,” he muttered as he walked away shaking his head, obviously upset.

      They all ran to the table and started writing their names on paper, and then anxiously ran to the door. There they settled and waited as they went one after the other taking their turn. Then one asked,

      “Hey what if somebody knocks Z’s ball out…then what?”

       There was silence, then, Sek Si commented,

      “It’s just like shuffle board, man. You either kick him out, kick him closer to dead center, or land closer than him. Like shuffle board, it counts. Just make your shot and don’t worry about it.”

      “Okay then, let’s finish this!” Somebody else gleefully screamed.

      They continued, and nobody came close to Zoutious, then Sek si made his shot. He decided that like in shuffle board he was going to knock him out of there. He was full of confidence, and as he stood at the threshold, he gulped, his smile disappeared, and he too choked. He threw it too hard, and his shot went way too far. It rolled all the way out of the target area.

      “Oh yea! Just like shuffle board, uh!”

      “Hey Cul you play a lot of shuffle board, uh baby?” Somebody screamed.

      “Haw haw haw,” The guffaws echoed out of the room.

      Red faced he walked out and didn’t even look back. After a half hour Zoutious was still the leading man. Nookobididy stood behind him, smiling and thinking maybe he wouldn’t have to try at all. Then Toid stood at the threshold, and Nookobididy became nervous because Wankers are known as cheaters. They cheat at everything they do, and back in Gamboozia they are known through out the federation as cheaters. Even their ambassadors are eyed with suspicion. So as Toid eyed his target, Nookobididy had has his fingers crossed behind his back. Even though there was no way he could possibly cheat, Nookobididy was nervous just the same. Toid stood there almost as tall as Larry Bird, eyed his target and took a set shot. He just kind of gently rolled it off his finger tips with enough force that it landed right behind Zoutious. Then it pushed him right into the middle of the target, as his took Zootious’ place.

      “Wow!” Nookobididy loudly exclaimed, and continued, “Just like freaking shuffle board.”

      “Damn, Toid you really are a piece of shit aren’t you,” Bond screamed at his pal.

      “Guffaws,” again filled the room.

      “If you can do better mate, then have a go it. Go ahead, do your best Bond,” Toid indignantly responded.

      So with a smile Bond gently shoved his comrade out of the way. He closed his eyes, and took several deep breaths.

      “So it’s yoga now is it?” Toid blurted out.

      “One mustn’t lose one’s cool old man,” Bold smiled back, and slowly kept taking his long deep breaths.

      “Come on already,” somebody screamed.

      He was in a zone then he opened his eyes, and smiled. He took a hop on his left foot, and let the little ball of paper fly through the air from the tips of the fingers of his right hand. It too had a lot of hang time, and seemed to float through the air as it slowly moved towards its target. It landed at the edge of the inner circle, and slowly rolled right next to Zoutious’. The two pieces were parallel to one another, fused side by side.

      “It’s a tie,” Toid screamed.

      “Oh yea!” Bond smiled as he gave his pal a heavy handed slap on the back. Then added, “That’s how you do it mate.”

      Pigu walked over and he, Ma Mau and Khon Yo closely studied the little balls. To see if one of them was closer than the other. Then Khon Yo raised his arms up in the air and shouted, “We have to have a tie breaker!”

      “Damned Wankers!” Nookobididy muttered, then screamed, “No, no no, I haven’t had my turn yet.”

      He took his place at the threshold, and scanned his cronies, he looked at everybody. He didn’t smile and closed his eyes. He focused on the two pieces of paper in the middle of the target. There was nothing else on his mind, only the two pieces of paper. Then like Bond he took several long deep breaths. The room was quiet as his cronies anxiously waited to see what he would do. His was the last attempt and would decide whether they would have a tie breaker. He stood there for a moment and imagined himself to be Mark Roth. He was going to roll his last ball for a perfect game, the trophy, and a million dollar prize. He stepped back a couple of feet, stopped, and smiled. Then he took a step back and slid forward as he fiercely threw his little ball straight ahead. It flew just above the floor in a straight line, dead on to the two little balls in the middle of the target. It hit one and knocked it clear out of the circle. It was a carom shot, and nudged the other a bit as one glanced off in the other direction, and out of the target.

      “Damn!” Someone exclaimed.

      “What a freaking shot.”

      “Shuffle board!” Zoutious screamed.

      “Which one is it,” a few of them asked at the same time.

      “Nobody touch them!” Pigu declared.

      “Especially the Wankers,” Ma Mau screamed.

      “Yea, yea!”

      “Does anybody object to me,” Putana, from Buco del Culo asked.

      “Okay by me,” Zoutious responded with a confident smile.

      “Me too,” Nookobididy agreed with his pal.

      “Go ahead!” Toid exclaimed.

      So she slowly walked to the one outside the right side of the target, bent down as they ogled her behind, and picked it up.

      “Okay you bunch of dogs, I saw you,” she glared.

      Then on purpose she slowly unraveled the little ball, one slow motion at a time. After a long moment she finished, slowly raised it up above her head, smiled, and announced,

      “This ones… Nook!” She smiled.

      That didn’t sit well him with because he didn’t like being called Nook. But he ignored it
because it was Putana, and two it was the situation. So he didn’t object. Then she slowly walked across the floor to the other side, and looked at every body. “Please don’t ogle my ass,” she pleaded.” Then she bent down to pick up the other little paper ball. No matter just the same, they couldn’t help themselves. Men are the same all over the universe. It’s the one thing we can’t ever evolve from. If we could then perhaps it would be the end of life for our kind.

        “Oh you sick freaking dogs,” she screamed in disgust.

      They laughed and she repeated her previous procedure, slowly unraveling the second one too.

      “So who the hell is it for goodness sake,” Toid asked.

      “Wow it’s…it’s Bond’s,” she slowly sang out loud with a big smile.

      “Congratulations Z!” Bond smiled as he extended his hand.

      Smiling Zoutious took it and responded, “Thank you old man, thank you!”

      “So it’s settled,” Nookobididy announced, “We’re going to contact Merday, and soon we’ll all be going home.”

      “Yea!” Pigu screamed.

     “You can say that again,” Toi Noun responded as he popped open a bottle of apple cider. They toasted the event. It was a celebration and they toasted one another in having successfully achieved their goal in peace.

      “People we pulled one over on Bullocks, uh!” Bond exclaimed with a big smile.

      “Yea, he never even had a freaking clue.” Toid added with a smile.

      “I may yet make it to my kid’s wedding,” Jokid smiled as he toasted with Zoutious.

      The contest kept them distracted for almost ninety minutes, giving Doobiz plenty of time to complete his task.

      “Look there’s Doob,” I smiled, and continued, “He’s standing behind the building.”

      With a big smile on his face Yanis slowly descended and opened the door while still in stealth mode. Doobiz jumped in, Yanis closed the door, and ascended again. Once inside, Doobiz exclaimed,

      “All we have to do now is the hard part.”

      “Come again,” Yanis asked.

      “Wait for them to send their silly message…he hee heee!”

      “Yea! That’s tough to do,” I responded.

      “When they finish, the fire works begin.”

      “Fire works.”

      “Yea, man! When I was down there trying to find the cable in the patch, I realize that it was dry. That corn patch is as dried as the Sahara. When it catches on fire it’s going to pop, man. We’re going to have pop corn! Those mofoes are going to think they’re being fired on, and it’s going to be pandemonium down there.”

      “Way cool!” I was exicted, and started rubbing my hands together.

      “Yea, then we can lay the gas on them.”


      “They’ll rush out to deal with it.”

      “Yea, we need for them to rush outside. We want them all out side.”

      “Look a few of them may not come out, they still have to deal with their IGT.”

      “So we go inside and stun them, what’s the big deal?”

      “There’s still the possibility that some of them may escape. They do have a transporter here, maybe more than one. So yea, some of them may escape.”

      “That’s really going to put a dent in our plans.”

      “Hey first things first, we’ll deal with that when we get to it. Right now we have to gas them.”

      “Okay then, let the fire works begin.”

      “Yea, we’ll respond and tell them we’re coming to pick them up.”

      “We can’t do that!”

      “How’s that?”

      “Well they get their message out, but they’re going to have to wait for a response.”

      “Hey we’re right here, and we can respond right back, man.”

      “No we can’t!”

      “And why not!”

      “He’s right! We forget they can’t get an immediate response. It doesn’t matter what language they use, or if we have a translator or not. If we respond right away they’ll know something’s up.”

      “Yea the distance and their primitive device, if we get right back to them, they’ll know.”

      “Remember they don’t know what’s coming, they don’t have a clue we’re here. They’re planning for the long haul. They’re going to send their message, and sit on it until they get a response.”

       “Okay, so what do we do?”

       “Let’s talk to Bullocks, clue him in, and let him and his people figure it out. We need to know before they send their message. That transmission will start the fire.”

      “Okay then.”

      “Say Yanis!” Doob blurted out as he picked up the communicator. He heard him, but at that very instant, the sweet voice of Bullock’s assistant responded.

      “Cho Cha here!”

      “This is Yanis, please let me talk to Bullocks.

      “Hold on a sec!”

      “Hey Yanis!” Doobiz blurted out again.


      “Tell Bullocks to bring the BS!”

      “Tell that dummy that I heard him Yanis.”

      “Bullocks heard ya Doob!”

      “Haw haw haw…tell him I meant the butter and salt.”

      “Butter and salt,” Bullocks gasped.

      “He’s bemused.”

      “Yea…for the pop corn.”

      “He hee heee…very funny Doob!”

      “You Aranjaynions and your silly jokes,” he responded.

      “No, no you don’t understand, sir.”

      “Then enlighten me, please.”

      “You of course know there’s a corn patch here. Well we need to set it on fire.”


       “There are too many clones running around here, too many to count. They look like you, me, Doob, Ornious and just about everybody else. Then there are Merday, Pigu, Wankers, Toi Noun, Pen Day Hoes, Ton Culs, Buco del culo, and many others. Inside the labs there are too many to count too.

      “So what does that have to do with the fire?”

      “Sir, if we lay the gas on them we won’t get them all. We’ll just get the damned clones outside.”


      “So the fire is to get them all outside to deal with it. Then we lay the gas on them.”

      “Smart thinking, Yanis!”

      “Not me, sir. It’s Doob’s idea.”

      “So I gather the corn is dry and will pop. Am I right?”

      “Spot on!”

     “He hee heee…tell Doob we’ll consider it.”

      “He’s smiling sir.”

      “Good so what do you want from me, I’m sure it’s not about my BS as he put it.”

      “Well they had a dumb contest to decide where to send their message. The winner was Zee, and he’s a Merday. So they’re sending their SOS to Merday. Zoutious and Nookodubididy pulled it off somehow.”

      “How did you find that out?’

      “We’ve been monitoring them, and we know everything that’s going on in there. But we’re still at a quandary here.”

      “How so?”

      “Well Doob built this gizmo and connected it to the cable leading to their zouineer pole. He made the connection right in the middle of the corn patch. When they make their transmission, it will spark and set the patch on fire.”

      “Yea, and they’ll come out like the roaches they are,” Doob interjected.

      “Also when they send their message, Doob’s gizmo will bring it right to us. We were thinking of responding, you know make them believe they were successful. But Ornious points out that if we do, they’ll figure out something’s wrong. You know their crude primitive device and the distance don’t make for instant communications. They must know that. So, we believe they’re getting comfortable. They’re here for the long run, to wait for a response to their message. So if we answer they will know the jig is up. If we gas them, they may also figure it out and some may escape. It’s a given they have at least one transporter here, and maybe even several. So what do we do?

      “How long before they send out their SOS?”

      “How much time do we have guys,“ Yanis asked.

      We looked at one another, smiled, and Doobiz closed his eyes to mull it over. Then he looked at me, I looked back at him and smiled. So he made a guesstimate, and said,

     “Oh I say within the next thirty minutes, at least.”

      “I heard that, let me get back to you in twenty…no make that fifteen. I want to run it by everyone here. Oh and did you find the device?”

      “That’s right sir, we found it.”

      “Well guys you heard him, we wait.”

      “Yea, one way or another these dummies are getting gassed.”

      “Ya got that right, man.”

      Back at the Waldorf Bullocks Koinus, Con Yo, Dolian, and Alca Poo Ria sat around their round table like King Arthur and his knights as Bullocks explained the dilemma.

      “Back in Ha Ju Ja we had a similar situation,” Alca Poo Ria remembered.

      “What happened?”

      “Well a few murderous ass holes were holed up in a similar patch, and the officials set it on fire.”

      “How did that turn out?’

      “They were smoked! They decided to die rather than give up. The officials couldn’t even find their ashes. They were passionate political radicals. These people down there remind me of them, they’re passionate too. Methinks they’d rather die than be caught alive too.”

      “Well maybe we should do the same sir, grant them their wish…let em burn,” Koinus added.

      “Sounds good to me too sir,” Dolian smiled. Then he continued. “It’s their choice. Besides the minute Yanis calls we’re going to be right there on the scene. They’re not all going to escape, and the important thing is we get the IGT.”

      “Yea we get the transmitter,” Bullocks agreed.

      An eternity passed as we contemplated the situation. The dummies below could text Merday at any moment, but we had to sit and wait for Bullocks. The worst things in life sometimes is waiting for something to happen that is beyond your control. It’s tough looking at the time every few seconds, it seems as if time does stand still. Indeed galaxies move about the cosmos a lot faster. Suddenly the red light on his panel started blinking, and,


      “Yes sir,” He responded.

      “We’ve decided the minute the corn starts to pop, you let loose the gas. We’re ready here at the transporters. When the fire starts you call me back, and our guys will come in to round them up.

      “Okay then, great, we’re just sitting here waiting for the fire.”

      “How big is the device?”

      “It’s huge, sir, and takes up half a room.”

      “Can you disable it?”


      “Then do so as soon as you can, and let us know.”

      “How do we handle the escapees?”

      “Oh we got enough information from our interviews to know where most of these people live. As we speak we have teams going to their homes to meet them the minute they show up. As for any that elude us, well they can run but they can’t hide. We’ll get them sooner or later. All you have to do is gas them, and disable the IGT. If you run into any of them, remember to stun them. We want them all alive.”

      “Yes sir.”

      “Maybe some good will come of this,” Doobiz interjected.

      “How so,” Bullocks responded.

      “Well maybe we can fine tune their IGT, perhaps they found a way to get it done that we haven’t.”

      “Oh no doubt! We want to take a good long look at it. So try and not to damage it too much if you can help it.”

      “You can count on us, sir.”

      “Okay then, we’ll be waiting for your call. See you later.”

      Right after we ended our chat, the transmitter started broadcasting Nokodubididy’s Merday message.

      “Basically it’s an SOS, guys” I translated, and continued. “It’s short, precise, to the point. It’s not addressed to anybody in particular. It’s pretty much to whom ever receives this message. It says I’m Dupal Nookodubididy, and I’m with Jukio Zoutious. We crashed on the third Orb of a system in the Nizal Quadrant. It’s the one with nine orbs orbiting the yellow star. The Qwabal is in the Nebulous Galaxy. We’re stranded and need immediate assistance. Please respond as soon as possible. Then there was a sizzling sound, and a second later I spotted the smoke rising from the corn patch. Then with the biggest smile on my face I blurted out,

      “FIRE! Look it’s started.”

      “He hee heee…I hope Bullocks brings his BS!” Doobiz responded.

      “Look guys the traitors are running out of the buildings.”

      “Yea, they look like cockroaches running away from the light.

      The patch was on fire. Zoutious, Nookodubidy and their cronies were screaming and running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

      “Nook what do we do?”

      “Oh damn it! We weren’t expecting this, we aren’t prepared for it,” he responded.

      “So we just let it burn?” Putatana asked.

      “What about the air?” Pigu added.

      “Oh, don’t worry. The smoke will rise up through the vents.”

      “Do you think anybody will notice up on top?”

      “Maybe, if they do they’ll think it’s volcanic.” Pigu responded.

      “It won’t affect us…it was an accident. It’s possible an animal wandered in there and chewed up the cable. When we sent our message it sparked and set this dried patch on fire.” Putana mused.

      “That maybe but it doesn’t matter, the important thing is our message went out.”

      “Hey we gots popcorn,” Ton Cul mused spreading out his open hands as you do to catch snow flakes.

      “We need a little salt and butter,” Pen Day Hoe from Essay laughed.

      “Shouldn’t we be trying to put this out,” Bond demanded.

      “Be my guess old man,” Nookodubididy responded as he pointed at it with his open hand.

      From where we were they looked like a bunch of students at a bonfire. They were arguing as they watched the spectacle. So we started flying back and forth over them, as Doobiz and I poured the gas over them. It vanished on contact with the air, and permeated the atmosphere, as it slowly descended upon their unsuspecting  keisters. Like the sandman the gas slowly enveloped the landscape below, and within moments the livestock went off into dream land first.


     “Look Nook,” the animals are falling down.

      “It must be the smoke.”

      “We must get inside.”

     As they started running inside, they noticed the clones dropping like the livestock. They were falling like the villains in a Kung Fu movie.

      “I don’t like this, Z.” Nook screamed above the noise.

      “Let’s go find the gas masks.”

      “Good idea!”

      The two of them ran into the building looking for the masks. The rest followed behind them, and as soon they entered the building they ran into Sek si.

      “Don’t bother, they’re gone!” He screamed.

      “What’s gone?” Zoutious demanded.

      “The gas masks,” he responded.

      “That’s not possible.”

      “Oh but it is, and so’s the gas.”

       “Those drums weigh over two hundred pounds, that can’t be. Did you look in the right room.”

      “Be my guess, show me where they are,” he screamed back.

      Nookodubididy and Zoutious ran right into the room Sek si had just come out of, and found the drums gone. No masks, no gas.

      “Something’s not right here people,” Nookodubididy screamed and continued, “There were several drums here, weighing over two hundred pounds each, and there were gas masks too. They’re also gone! We need to get the hell out of here.” As he finished talking, he ran to the transporters followed by Zoutious, and the rest of them. They left like rats abandoning a sinking ship, they were leaving their base.

      “How are we ever going to find out if we got through to Merday,” Pigu whined.

      “We’ll worry about that later right now we need to get the hell out of here.” Zoutious responded.

     “Cho Cha here, who is this?”

     “Tell Bullocks to bring the BS!” Yanis responded.


    “He knows! Just tell him we have pop corn.”

     No sooner had Yanis finished talking with Cho Cha did Bullock’s galactic swat team showed up. They appeared out of thin air all over the site almost at once, and spread through out the area covering the entire site. Dressed in shinning black helmets with gleaming visors, they spread out. The black helmets they wore reflected the flames on their visors, and it seemed as if their heads were on fire. They wore skin tight, black thermal wear, in case the transporters erred and landed them on the surface. Armed with lasers set to stun, they looked like storm troopers out of an apocalyptic future. They marched across the field in their black German jack boots, firing their lasers, and stunning everybody in sight. The lasers emitted an ultra blue light that spread out at one hundred and twenty degrees. Anybody bathe in its light was immediately stunned, and sent for a short nap. From our ship we could see all the activity below. We knew the culprits were inside the buildings, and only the clones were outside.

      “Yanis!” The open transmitter blurted out.

      “Yes sir,” Bullocks responded, and continued, “We’re down here but tell Doob we forgot the BS.”

      “He hee heee…he’s smiling and he got your message, sir.”

      “Where did Zook and Nook go, which building?”

      “The middle one sir, it’s also where the IGT is located. It’s on the bottom floor. It may also be where their transporters are too.”

      Bullocks led his team into the building and as they ran into the disgruntled, they sent them for a nap. When they ran into the room, the IGT was still humming, but it was empty. No people and no transporters.

      “Yanis!” The transmitter screamed.

      “Yes sir!”

      “We’re here with the IGT, but there aren’t any transporters here. We stunned a bunch of them, but we don’t know where the damned transporters are.

      “Sir, we never found them, we were going to go down there after we gassed them. But you beat us to the punch. The transporters are in that building, they have to be, it’s where
they all went.”

      “Guys scour the building and get these people. They’re here!” We heard Bullocks scream at his people.

      “Sir, we’ll be right down.”

      “Come on down we need all the help we can get.”

      Up on the second floor they were rushing into the transporters one after the other. Zoutious and Nookodubididy were first, followed by Jokid, Ton Cul, Bond, Pigu, Dan Che, Toid, Sheeba, Ketsunoana, Khon Yo, and Ma Mau. When Bullock’s people stormed the room it was crowded. But some of the above had long been gone. The guys swept the room with their stunning light and soon they were all in a heap on the floor in deep slumber.


      “Sir, we stopped them but the leaders are long gone,” Koinus responded.

      “So who do you have up there?”

      “A bunch of disgruntled minions methinks.”

      “Hell, they must know something.”

      “We’ll have to wait for them to wake up.”

      “Then prepare them for a trip to the moon. We’re going to interview every last one of them up there.

      At that moment Yanis and I showed up.

      “What’s up, sir?”

      “Nook and Zook are long gone all we have are their cronies.

      “At least we have the IGT.”

      “True, but we need to get those kooks.”

      “I thought you had people at the other end waiting for them.”

      “We do but, those two smart asses may have prepared themselves for this moment. They had to know that it was a probability if not a possibility. They had to be ready for it, so in that case they may not have gone back home. They may have a transporter in another location. We need to find it.”

      “Then we need to ransack their home, there must be a lead there somewhere.”

      “One thing, though.”

      “What’s that?”

      “Jokid was probably sent to the other side, his molecules…his essence must be floating around in the ether, lost forever never being able to go home.”

      “Lost, uh?”

     “Remember we disabled his transporter.”

      “Yea right, he had to fly down.”

      “So he’ll probably spend eternity at his daughters wedding.”

      “Well maybe not, at some point he’ll realize he’s dead. Perhaps the divine doors will open for him, and he’ll face the justice at the last judgment we all will face someday.

      “That’s a thought, but we’ll never know.”

      “He hee heee…so maybe he’ll be happy there for ever.”

      “Maybe not! We’re assuming this because we disabled his transporter, but…” Doobiz blurted out then paused.

      “But what,” I interjected.

      “Well he wasn’t or isn’t stupid. He knew that so maybe he went with the kooks. He may still be here somewhere.”

     “Then we need to find him too.”

      “Well we can’t just forget about ever catching him, we need to concentrate on Nook an Zook. Find them and we’ll find him too. That is our focus right now.”

      “Ya got any clues, any idea where they may have gone?”

      “Well the kooks lived in South America for a long time. Buenos Aires as a matter of fact! We know where they were last. We can start there. The others may not be as cunning and so we have a chance of catching them at their homes. We’ll soon know how many of them we have. At this moment we have Putana, Khon Yo, Ma Mau, and Toid. You know Pen Day Hoes and Essays aren’t too smart, we got them too. It kind of makes you wonder how they ever mastered space travel. They were trying to get into a transporter when our guys ran into the room.”

      “How are they?”

      “At the moment they’re probably having a grand time back home…in a sweet fantasy.”

      “He hee hee, I should have known,” Doobiz responded.

      “Yea Doob that was a no brainer, man,” I added.

     “But man, I sure would have loved to have seen the look on their faces when they were busted.”

      “So Bullocks, sir…did you really forget the BS?”

      “Sorry bout that Doob…Not!”

      The next morning on the moon, as we were about to see Bullocks, My transmitter started to vibrate.

      “Hi Gloria!”

      “Were you guys having a party down there?

      “Come again!”

      “Let me read this to you in this morning’s Mountain News. South Pole, Antarctica- Scientist at the pole, are at a loss, unable to explain an incredible aroma. A bouquet of fresh popcorn is permeating the air, and they don’t know its source. They have tested the air and confirmed it definitely has an essence of corn in it. They believe it’s coming from under the permafrost. Some seem bewildered, and are walking around with wide smiles on their faces. One said it reminded him of  his teenage visits to the movies. The aroma was all over the theater because everybody had a barrel of pop corn. He said at first there was a light smoke rising from beneath the permafrost. It just suddenly came up. We believed it was volcanic in nature, but then the scent of pop corn was everywhere. Your guess is as good as ours. We think Ripley and the Aliens are heating up popcorn down below. What do you think?”

      “So were you guys cooking pop corn?”

      “Thanks for the heads up, it’s a long story. I have to let Bullocks know. So I’ll call you later,” I responded and I ended the call.

      “What’s up Orn?” Yanis asked.

      “That bouquet of pop corn was discovered by the local explorers down there. It’s in the papers. Gloria just called to ask if we were having a party down there.”

      “What did it say?”

      “She said scientist are bewildered and don’t know how to explain it. But they have tested the air and have confirmed that it definitely has an essence of corn.”


      “I was afraid this might have come about.” Doobiz blurted out as he entered the room.

      “Well let’s see what Bullocks thinks.” Yanis responded.

      “What do I think about what,” Bullocks responded as he walked into the room behind Doobiz.

      “Gloria just called to let me know that the essence of pop corn down there rose to the surface, and the locals don’t know what to make of it.”

      “Oh let it be, there are many things that can never be explained. Let it be one of them. We’ve done that before, Roswell, Tunguska, Nazca and many others. Let them added this one to the list too, they’ll never figure it out. That base is a mile down, and they don’t have the toys to probe that deep.”

      “Yea, let them scratch their heads,” Doobiz added.

      “Yes we have bigger fish to fry.”

      “Can we get anything out of the clones?”

      “No, as we suspected they are clueless. They were there mainly to confuse us and to do the menial labor.”

      “How about the others,” I asked.

       “We have a couple of dozen of them and Koinus and his guys are interviewing them as we speak. The big deal though is the IGT. They left it intact, and our guys are giving it the once over. If the jouniquiem turns out be the real thing, we’ll power the IGT, and
send our S.O.S.


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