“What do we do with those two clowns?” Yanis asked with a smile.

      “Let’s just see what we’re up against down there, sabotage their device if you can. Don’t harm anybody. Let us know what you’re up against and do what you can so we can raid the place.”

      “What about Jokid?” I asked.

       “At this very moment we have people meeting him in the city. They’re bringing him here. We’re going to program him, and send him to Zoutious and Nookodubididy. You can follow him.”

      “How? He may have a craft or he may have a transporter. If it’s a transporter we’re out of luck.” I responded.

      “Those are good points, but right now our people are in his apartment. If he has a transporter,  we’ll soon know. So if he does, well program him to bring you up for a drink. He’ll believe you’re a part of his group, and you can go with him down there. If he has a ship, we’ll program him to fly there, and you can follow him. Meanwhile you just need to be ready to go. One way or the other we’re going down there today.”

       “Sounds good!” Doobiz exclaimed.

      “So we have a plan at last,” Yanis added.

      “Yea,” I nodded my head in agreement, and gave them a thumps up.

     “Yes we do guys, yes we do,” Bullocks smiled.

      “That dumb ass Jokid played me, and he even told me where his group was. I guess he was fishing. He wanted to know what I knew about Doob. Perhaps he was suspicious of the jouniquiem, maybe he thought Yanis told me about it. It’s all moot now, but at the time I didn’t know anything. Good thing I played stupid. Now we got him and know exactly where his people are, and what they’re planning.”

      At that moment Bullocks was called to the back, a few seconds later he returned with a frown on his face.

      “What’s up, sir,” I asked.

      “We have another problem guys.”

      “What’s that sir,” Yanis asked.

      “We just found out there’s a super solar storm on the way, it will be here in three days. Well, actually…two days because this one’s already gone. They must be planning to use the storm to power their IGT.”

      “Yes, it will generate the power they need, and perhaps mask its out put too.”

      “That damned Jokid,” I muttered out loud.

      “Yea, well at least he won’t be calling you this morning. In a short while he’ll be strapped in that chair, and we’re going to have a lot more information. Trust me!” He replied, and continued,  “Right now we need to study the base’s lay out. We need to know what you’ll be up against.”

      At that very moment Alca Pooh Ria, Dolian and Conyo were outside Jokid’s door.

      “Remember guys we just want to stun him, okay.” Conyo whispered with a nod as he looked at his guys. Then he pointed his laser at the key hole and zapped the door lock. The beam surgically entered the keyhole and melted away the mechanism. They looked around to be sure the hallway was clear, then Dolian and Alca Poo Ria pushed in the door. It silently opened and they quickly and quietly entered the room. They looked around, and Conyo motioned towards the bedroom. Jokid was getting ready to enter his transporter when Alca Pooh Ria fired his laser and stunned him. He never knew what hit him, he froze in mid motion. Conyo grabbed his cell and called, Bullocks.

      “Cho Cha tell Bullocks we got him,” he smiled into the phone when Bullocks answered,

“Great!” There was a short pause then, he added: “Let Alky stay there and wait for me to call him back. You and Dolian can bring him over.”

      “No problem he’ll be right over, we’re going to use his transporter, so be ready for him.”

      When the transporter lit up, Koinus was there waiting to catch Jokid as he appeared. A few seconds later Dolian and Conyo followed him. Together they carried him over to the MDE, he was still in dream land when they strapped him into the chair. The light turned hot pink again, and Jokid continued to dream.

    “Here we go sir, Jokid’s strapped in the chair,” Koinus announced as he entered the room waving the layout in the air.

     “Okay we’re in business,” Doobiz responded.

     Bullocks had several suites on the floor, and we went next door. It was set up like a war room. There was a large long table in the middle, and Koinus spread the lay out on it. The base was huge, more than three football fields long, almost  as wide, and just as high as it was wide. There were several entrances. One of them, on the western hemisphere, was a huge hanger, where they could fly in and out.

      “For sure this is where they would have their top surveillance.” Yanis pointed it out.

      “Ummm…yea, yea!” We all agreed.

      “There are also exists or entrances scattered around it,” Koinus pointed out.

      “These are minor and they may not have anything there,” Doob added as his hand went around the map.”

      “For sure Jokid knows the lay of the land,” Yanis exclaimed.

      “Don’t worry guys, when Bullocks is finished with him we’re going to be in on it too.” Koinus smiled.

      We continued to study the lay out, and in the center there were several areas that could house just about anything.

      “These are living quarters,” Koinus explained as he pointed them out, and continued, “This area behind it is agricultural.”


      “Yes the temperature below is almost tropical, and you can grow just about anything down there. There may be some animals roaming around too. When we departed we left quite a few of them, goats, sheep, some horses, steers, ducks and chickens. All domesticated animals. They could have survived, and have probably multiplied by now. There’s a creek running through on the eastern side, and for sure the corn would have survived too. It surrounds the patch as it runs from the creek to irrigate it. It’s a really big area.”

      “Damn the place could be full of clones too,” Yanis observed.

      “Indeed it may be,” Doobiz somberly added as he rubbed his chin.

      “These units here, between the hangers and the living units are where the labs are. The device can’t be far from it.” Conyo explained.

      “Where’s the power source, do you know?”

      “Oh sure it’s right here,” he pointed to the opposite end, and continued, “It uses a form of jouniquiem. It’s an engine we rescued from the Russians, during Catherine II’s Polish wars. The Poles kept them busy and we lucked out, they gave us the opportunity we needed. It’s been there since we built the base.”

      “It’s possibly unguarded- they don’t know we’re coming.” I observed.

      “Way to go Orniz, surprise is our ally here. We should zap it up the minute we get there.” Doobiz added.

      “Good thinking guys but we need Bullocks’ okay. Once we get more details from Jokid’s probe, we’ll be in a better position to make decisions.”

      “Sounds good to me,” Yanis agreed.

      “Yea we need to know how many clones they have, and exactly where the device is located. They must have a zouineer pole wired to it. They need solar mags,” Conyo remarked.

      “If we take it down first, they’ll be alerted, they’ll know something’s amiss.”

      “Yea, one of us will have to take it down,”

      “Oh I’ll be more than happy to take that out.” Doobiz smiled.

      “We need to know where everybody will be Doob. Besides the temps out there will take you out. Our thermo suits will only protect us for a few hours out there. Once you take it out, you’ll need to get back in quick. We need to know exactly where it is.” Yanis observed.

      “That’s true, we know where it could possibly be, but we don’t know for sure. Besides I don’t see any entrances any where near it on the outside.” Conyo observed.

     “Yea, and we don’t know if they created one,” Yanis responded.

      “That’s something Jokid may know.” I added.

      “Let us hope so,” Doobiz responded.

      “Gentlemen all we can do now is wait for Bullocks,” Conyo smiled.

     As all of this was going on Nookodubididy continued his preparations. He was anxious to hear from Jokid. He hadn’t heard from him in a few days and he wanted to know what happened at Bullocks’ affair. He also wanted an update on me, was I going to be a new member of the team or did they need to take me out.


      Nookobidididy was a recent member of the community, and the last thirty years had been hard on him. He missed his wife, and his sons. He wanted to be there for them as they grew up. She had begged him not come here, but he assured her it was just going to be an observation. He wanted to see how these primitive peoples lived. Then his ship crashed and only he and Zoutious survived. The local authorities were quick on the scene, and they had to destroy the ship before they found it. They escaped into a near by forest, and the only things they were able to bring along were their universal translators. It was years before they met other off world people. Then they found there was a very large community here from all over the cosmos. But it seemed to them that we weren’t in any hurry to contact our home worlds. Some had been here for centuries, and many gone native, taking local
mates. Many had families here. Others found the governments here freer, more tolerant and
liberal than the totalitarian worlds from whence they came. The one reason they used for
not trying to contact their home, was that they didn’t want expose themselves to the
primitives. They didn’t want to upset the natural balance. At this point in time the locals
had evolved enough to detect energy outburst anywhere on the globe. So they were
waiting until they could build an undetectable device. Meanwhile time was running out. His eldest kid would soon be a grown man by now. He didn’t want to waste anymore time. The
hell with the locals was his attitude. He and Zoutious had talked about it many times, andz
they agreed. Then one day by chance or fate, they met Jokid at a science convention. At
once they realized they had met a kindred soul. So together they worked hard to find like
minded souls. People who just wanted to go home, to civilization. When they heard about the abandoned Antarctic base they couldn’t wait to go there. Eventually they found a map, and then they worked hard to build a small ship. After months of working in secrecy they built a prototype. Then they took a chance and flew it there. When they arrived, they were flabbergasted. After the initial shock, they explored it, and immediately began to plan their next move. They were able to win over a few converts, people who also had families back home, and who dearly longed to go back. They found it easy since there were so many who were getting old. They had been here a long time, and they didn’t see any forthcoming solutions to their dilemma. They didn’t want to die in a primitive alien world, they wanted to go home now. So they saw   Nookodubididy and Zoutious as saviours. Jokid had a daughter who was engaged to marry when he left.


     “Hell, I may be a grandfather by now, of course I’ll join you,” he responded to Zoutious’
jesting inquiry. They had been zipping colas, but then he realized Zoutious wasn’t joking.

     “You’re serious, man, aren’t you?”

     Nookodubididy smiled, and responded, “Yea man, as serious as a hungry bear! So are you with us?”

      He didn’t hesitate, he smiled, and…“When do we leave?”

      “We just discovered the abandoned base at the south pole. Now we need people who are just as committed as we are- brilliant people.”

      “So how do you propose to…or what do you want to do?”

      “We would love to build a ship, but if that’s not possible then we must build a transmitter to contact home.”

      “From what I’ve learned, the primitive science here doesn’t have what we need to build a ship. Even worse they don’t even have the elements…err, they haven’t yet discovered the elements we need.”

      “True all elements are universal, so we have to find them.”

      “They’ve been trying for centuries.”

      “Not hard enough, many of them have fallen in love with creatures here.”

      “Indeed many have.”

      “So what do you propose?”

      “Zout and I have been thinking and planning for a long time.”

      “And what have you come up with?”

      “We need to create clones!”

      “What good will they do?”

      “Well if some of these brilliant minds won’t come willingly, we’ll just have to force them and replace them with our clones. Nobody will be the wiser.”

      “Once we have them…how will you get them to work for us?”

      “Some of them have loved ones here, and the fear of what we’ll do to them will make them do anything. They will work, man.”


     “True, a man will do anything for those he loves.”

      “So, do you have any ideas?”

      “No not at the moment, but give me a few days.”

      “Remember the sooner we get something done, the sooner we can get back home.”

      “Do you know anybody capable of cloning?”

      “There are quite a few Merday here, lets talk to some of them.”

      So they did and within a short time they had a cloning team. Soon they had a small thriving group at the base. They cleaned it up and restored it. They revived the farm, and its animals, and nobody knew they were there. They found the hanger, brought their ship inside, and together built others. One day Jouniten, a loner from a distant galaxy, approached Zoutious with his ideas for a transmitter.

      “This is brilliant!” He responded.

      “But it will require a lot of energy.”

     Soon the others all agreed and they began to look for ways to energize their device. Not long after Zotious noticed that in a year there would be a super solar storm.

      “Look here, Nook!” He showed him a solar chart, and pointed out the event.

      “Oh man, this is fantastic, Z! This baby will power our IGT, and if it’s really as big as I
believe it will be it will mask our energy output.”


     “He hee heee!” He responded as he gleefully rubbed his hands together, and continued. “Oh baby! It’s going to be big alright…beeeeee  ig!”

      From that time on they worked tirelessly to make their plans bear fruit. Finally with only three days left to the solar storm, they were close to making their plans a reality. They were going to contact home, like ET they were going to call home. But all plans great and small have a degree of uncertainty in them. Providence has a way of complicating things for us all the time. It doesn’t matter what world you come from, we don’t know everything. Nobody does! So from time to time, providence makes its presence felt.

       “Z have you heard from Jokid?”

       “No he should have called. It’s getting close and we need to know what’s going on up there. I’m starting to get worried, man.”

      “Me too, Bullocks had a gathering last night and we need to know what happened. Have you called him?”

      “A bunch of times, man, but he doesn’t answer.”

      “Oh hell, I hope he hasn’t been out celebrating.”

      “Yea this thing isn’t over, and the fat lady ain’t even ready yet.”

      “What fat lady?”

      “It’s an American saying!”

      “What does it mean…fat lady?”

      “You like opera, right.”


      “Well you know that when the fat lady sings at the end…it’s over right.”

      “Well, that’s true but only in some…”

      Before he could finish Nookodubididy interjected, “Okay but it comes from that. In American sports they say that the game isn’t over until the fat lady sings.”

      “Oh okay I get. So, our plan’s not finished yet.”

      “Right we have a lot to do, and it’s possible they may know what we’re doing. If they do we need to be on alert Z.”

      “Oh, I got that covered man. I got security patrolling the area, and they’re posted at all the entrances. They were programmed to zap anybody on sight, man. If any of those bozos shows their face around here, they’re going to go home first, man.”

      “Go home, uh…he hee heee!” They embraced one another, smiled, and did their happy,
boochie dance as they gleefully pranced around the room.

     “Soon my friend soon, our people will know we’re here, soon we’ll be home, man.”

     “Can you believe some of them have been here for centuries, all because they’re afraid to
upset the natural balance here?”

     “Yea, what the hell is that all about?”

     “It’s a moralistic principle dreamed up by Bullocks and some of his people. They believe that these simpletons need to be left alone to evolve.”

      “Hell man, some of these worlds would never have evolved, if other civilizations hadn’t
helped them along. In Gamboozia all of those worlds fought wars with one another, and if some hadn’t invaded others, they never would left the stone age.”

      “Bro, I don’t need a history lesson.”

      “I know, man, but that damned Bullocks sure does.”

      “I can dig that divo, he really needs to wake up.”

      “Yea, if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t be here fighting one another.”

      “Do you think they’re dumb enough to attack us?”

      “I don’t know, anything’s possible, so we need to be on guard.”

      “Oh but we are, man we so are. Let em come!”

      Meanwhile, Bullocks and his team had Jokid dreaming of his family back home. He was in a fantasy all of his own. He was enjoying the festivities of his daughters wedding. Everyone was having a grand time, and his son in law was smiling as he danced with his bride. He was a man on the move and had a bright future. Jokid was happy for his daughter, she was set for life with a loving soul. Jokid was never happier.

      “Oh daddy I’m so happy you’re here!”

      “Muffin I wouldn’t have missed this for all the world.” He whispered in her ear as he hugged her. Then the vision began to fade and he found himself sitting on a sofa next to Bullocks having a cola.

     “Mr. Jokid, are you alright?” Bullocks exclaimed.

     “Ugh!” He exclaimed as his eyes almost popped out of his head.

     “Are you alright, man?”

     He looked around and was noticeably dismayed, disturbed. The reality shocked him a bit, and realizing that he must have dozed off, he excused himself.

      “Oh, my goodness, I must have dozed off a bit, uh.”

      “That’s okay man it’s been a long night.”

      “Yea, but I’ve never done that before.”

      “Perhaps you’ve been working too hard.”

      “Oh you don’t know the half of it, sir.”

      “Oh I can only guess,” Bullocks smiled.

      “I don’t even remember coming here.”

      “Oh you came here a while ago, don’t you remember having dinner?”

      “Really I don’t”

      “Then what ever were you drinking?”

      “I really don’t know.”

      “You know that we have to be careful here, we don’t know how some things will affect us.”

      “I know, I know all about that. But, I’ve never had a problem with that. Not in all the years I’ve been here.”

      “Pal, all it takes is one time,” I smiled.

      “True, one time I had a cup of coffee and I felt as if I were medicated, man.” Doobiz blurted out.

      “Yea, I remember that,” I smiled.

      “Oh yea, with the Mexicans,” Doobiz remembered.

      “You Aranjaynions and your damned Mexicans!”

      “Haw haw haw…he hee heee!”

       The guffaws filled the room and even Jokid was laughing.

      “I don’t know maybe I ate something that medicated me. But, damn it was so damned real, man.”

      “What was?”

      “It was a dream, so real too, I was back home at my daughter’s wedding.”


      “Oh yea, and everybody was having a grand time. My son in law was a handsome up and comer. The festivities were awesome, and there were so many people. Important people too! Then all of a sudden, here I am sitting here, and not knowing how I got here.”

      “I can assure you, you’ve been here for quite a while, right through dinner. Drinks! How many did you have?”

       “That’s the strangest thing, I hardly ever drink.”

       “Do you know what you were drinking?”

       “Heavens no!”

       “I think I came here to meet Ornious.”

      “You did, pal. Then we sat here and enjoyed dinner. I think you had bit of rabbit stew, some rice, carrots, and you polished it off with a pear juice.”

      “Oh that can’t be, I never eat starches, and the veggies here tend to sedate me.”

      “Well you were drinking a lot of pear juice.”

      “Damn! Everybody was having such a grand time…I just decided to have a couple. Juices affect me like water does you.”

      “But when we met in the city, you were drinking wine. How is that?”

      “Wine doesn’t intoxicate me, it just taste good. Good wine does.”

      “But juices do, they give you a buzz?”

      “Yes they do.”

      “So why did you indulge?”

      “I was just going to have a couple.”

      “You sure did, man. But we didn’t know how they would affect you.”


      “When the menu came, you just ordered, man.”

       “But starches!”

       “It was really very well presented.”

       “Damn, I had no idea what I was eating. It looked good, it tasted like it…it was out of this world, man.”

      “Haw haw haw…he hee heee!”

      They all had a laugh, including Jokid.

      “Ah you’re a comedian too, uh.”

      “No sir the pun wasn’t intended, I just didn’t know how else to describe it.

      “Well it seems either the rabbit or the veggies did you in friend.”

      “It seems that way.”

      “You passed out, and we brought you here. You were out for like a half hour. You really had us worried there, pal.” I exclaimed.

      “I apologize for the inconvenience, I, I, I’m really sorry.”

      “You’re okay, that’s all that matters.”

      “Thanks! Ummm…then that explains my fantasy, my dream. You know I never ever dream like that. It was so freaking real, though.”

       “It happens to all of us some time, pal.”

      “You must excuse me,” he explained as he stood up.”

      “Are you alright,” Bullocks asked.

      “Oh, I’m okay, I’m feeling rather great, sir. Never felt better as a matter of fact.” He smiled as he stretched his arms out.

     “Good to hear.”

     “What time is it?

     “Oh the sun is almost up. It’s early in the morning.”

     “Then you must excuse me, I need to go home.”

     “By all means, glad you came,” Bullocks smiled as he extended his hand. Jokid took it and gave a firm shake, then headed out the door.

      “Well, that went rather well I must say,” Bullocks, smiled and raised a glass, “Cheers

     “He hee heee…haw haw haw,” guffaws all around the room! We shook hands, and smiled at one another.

      Bullocks stuck his head into the next room and yelled,

     “Cho Cha…call Alky and tell him to sabotage Jokids’s transporter and get back here. Tell
him that bozo is on his way over there.”

     “Guys we need to get it together, this is just the beginning we have a lot do. We need to study this data,” Dolian explained as he held a long sheet up in the air. “Please,” he continued, “Come into the war room.”

     “How appropriate…war room!” Bullocks exclaimed.

     “Well, we’re in a war, sir.”

     “It is indeed, guys,” I agreed.

     The data revealed that they had almost two hundred clones armed with zappers. They were stationed at all the entrances and at the hanger. There was also a group around the mag pole.

      “Ummm…this is going to be a major battle here, and it could very well expose us to the
people here,” Bullocks muttered.

     “Sir, do we stun them or zap them out?”

     “Just take them out,” Doobiz smiled.

     “That’s okay with me.”

     “But they’re souls, we just can’t exterminate them.”

     “I assure you they have no souls, son.” Bullocks smiled.

     “I have to disagree, sir. Science cannot create life, only the creator can. Though science may be able to create an environment conducive to life, only the Creator can allow it. So these creatures do have souls. They’re simpletons because their souls aren’t evolved. They came into existence, our reality, quickly and developed extremely fast. But they’re souls just the same.” I protested.

      “So what are you suggesting?”

      “I don’t know, we can stun and re-program them. Maybe we can use them on the moon as servants. Anything!”

      “It won’t bother you to see a half dozen Doobs or Yanises running around?” Bullocks

     “If I don’t have to see them, it won’t, not as long as I know who the real ones are.”

     “Oooo…that would give me the creeps, if I went into a room, and saw a half dozen of me
running around in it.” Yanis responded.

      “Euuu! Me too,” Doob agreed.

     “So why not leave them down there, let them run the farm. We’ll send some one to check on them from time to time. Neuter them too so they won’t reproduce. Let them work out their fate down there in peace. They don’t really have a long life span.”

      “How long is it, sir?” Yanis asked.

      “We approximate about sixty years,” Conyo responded.

      “So you propose we go down there and just stun everybody,” Yanis asked.

      “Pretty much!”

      “There’s almost two hundred of them down there.”


      “It’s mind boggling.”

       “That’s better than having that evil aureole around my soul for the rest of my existence, man. All those deaths! I don’t like it one bit.”

      “Okay how about this, you stun whomever you want, anybody you come across. They won’t be a weight on you, and you won’t have to carry that on your conscience. The rest of you can do as you see fit, you can stun them or take them out. I won’t hold it against you.” Bullocks compromised.

      “If that’s the best you can do, then I have no choice. Stunning them or zapping them all takes the same effort. But I don’t want that to carry that negativity with me for the rest of my life.”

      “Okay guys, do as your conscience allows.”

      “Okay…yea, alright with me…what ever you say boss.”

      “They all agreed.”

      “So what else were you able to get out of that dummy,” Bullocks asked.

      “Well, we have little time, that solar storm is due in one more day, time’s getting short.”

      “We know that, but what else do we have to worry about down there.”

      “The device is here,” Koinus pointed on the map, and continued, “It’s right here pretty much where we suspected, in this lab. It’s a huge black and stainless device with huge cables leading out to the top. They run along the creek, up the wall and through a hole they zapped out to the surface. On top, the mag pole is disguised as a mound of ice. If you cut the cables it will give us time. They will have to find them and repair them. But that will alert them! If you take out the unit, that would be much better. It’s preferable to take it out at the same time you take the out mag pole. That would pretty much put them out of business. We also need…we have to take Zook and Nook! We need to program those kooks, they can’t be trusted. They’re impassioned with the idea of going home. If they escape, they will do it again, and maybe next time we won’t be so lucky.”

      “I see!” I exclaimed.

      “See what?” Bullocks responded.

      “We can’t take out the kooks, but we can take out the clones.”

      “It’s different, man.”

      “The kooks are evolved souls, man.” Doobiz added.

      “Not from where I stand.”

      “Haw haw haw!” Bullocks responded as he ran his fingers through his white hair.

      “Okay, okay! Passion can and does blind us and we all can act with darkness in our hearts.”

      “Just stun the dummies, it’s a lot of work, but we’ll find something to do with them. Also, just disable the device. We want to study it. Maybe a close examination will help us to re-engineer it. Please by all means, make capturing the kooks a top priority. Jokid has a small transporter in his apartment. It can only take one person at a time. Since we don’t know what’s on the other side, I had Alka Pooh Ria disable it. Jokid won’t be able to use it. We’re watching him, he’ll have to fly down there. We put a bug on him, and when he takes off, you can follow him. So be ready. Once you’re there let us know what the situation is as soon as possible. We’re going to replace his transporter with a larger one so we can get there faster. Guys, we have our jobs cut out for us.”


     “Babagomazaga!” Doob exclaimed as he extended his hand out. So Yanis I put ours on top of  his and together we again loudly exclaimed: “Babagomazaga!”

      “What is that sir,” Koinus asked.

      “Oh, it’s an Aranjaynion thing. It means together as one,” Doobiz explained.

      “Oh, so wait a minute there pal, we’re all in on this. You are not alone, man.” Bullocks
smiled, so he extended his hand out and exclaimed, “Booga mooga zaga, uh”

      “Hee hee heee…we laughed, and I explained, “It’s babagomazaga, sir…baba goh ma zaga.”

      “So put her there,” he said as he put his hand out again, and continued, “And say it again.”

      I put my hand on top of Bullocks, Doobiz and Koinus followed, and as Yanis put his on top of theirs, he loudly exclaimed, “Babagomazaga!”

      “Ahhhh…so it’s Ba ba goh ma zaga,” he exclaimed as everybody loudly joined him,


      “Truly we’re all in this together. May the Creator bless our efforts,” Bullocks exclaimed.

      “So be it,” I added. Then as Yanis, Doobiz and I left the room, Koinus exclaimed: “Aba be with you!”

      As soon as Jokid entered his apartment his phone was ringing.

      “Hello,” he yelled into it.

      “Jokid, where have you been, man,” Zoutious demanded.

      “I was at Bullocks’ affair. I went there to check on Ornious. I think he’s with us.”

      “You can’t think, man. You need to be sure about this.”

      “So what’s going?”

      “Tomorrow’s it, man. The storm is almost on top of us, we’re beginning to feel its effects. We have to decide where to make our call. You need to be here yesterday.”

       “I’m leaving right now,” he shouted.

        He entered his transporter, but it just hummed, vibrated, the lights blinked on and off, and he went no where. He checked everything, and all seem to be where it should be, so he tried again, and again. After the third attempt he called Zoutioous back.


      “Please don’t call me that, I hate it. So what’s up now?”

      “My transporter won’t work. I’ll have to fly down.”

      “So you’ll be here in like what, five, six hours,” he asked.

      “No, no, no! Three or four tops, I’m leaving right now,” he responded and hung up. He
grabbed a few items from his fridge, threw them into a gym bag, and was out the door. A
moment later he was airborne and on his way. He was smiling as he realized the moment had
come, his dreams of going home would soon come to be.

      As they walked down the hallway, Bullocks and Koinus returned to the war room. They went over the map, and together they went over and over the data again. If they missed anything, they would soon find it.

      “It’s at least three hours to my ship guys.” I proclaimed as we walked out of Bullocks’ war room.

      “Not to worry bro, I have mine on top of the hotel.” Yanis responded.

      “Really,” Doobiz smiled.

      “I had no idea what was coming, man, and I knew Orn’s ship is at home. At least three hours away. Yours is out on the coast, right.”


      “So since we don’t have any transporters near by, and if we have to follow that schmuck, we need to be quick…I brought mine,” he smiled.

      “Way cool Yanis!” I smiled.

      “He must have a ship near by, he lives here. He may even have his on top of his building. So I brought mine, and it sits four comfortably.”

      “It’s a long way south guys let’s get some water, some munchies.”

      “Good idea.”

      Just then Yanis’ cell started to vibrate, and

      “Yes sir!” He responded.


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