“I know, I know, but what do I do. In the morning that asshole Jokid is calling me. He no
doubt will tell me if they believe me or not. They will also want to know what happened here this evening.”

      “They may also believe you overheard them, and want to take you out. Why else would that bogus me have met you?”

      “True Doobiz that is true, so what do I do? And why did they take him out in front of me?”

      “To establish trust!”

      “Howzat again?”

      “Well Jokid obviously intended to make me out to be a bad guy.”

      “Why not let him believe that?”

      “Because we may have been seen here together already,” I blurted out.

      “Unfortunately we may have to take that chance.”

      “If only there was a way to tell the bogus peeps apart.”

      “Look the federation outlawed that technology, and it’s possible there may be someone here who knows how to do that.”

      “So we vet them all?”

      “Yea! All of them, except the Merday, Whanker, Toi Noun and the Shmenahs.”

      “Okay, but we don’t have the time to do that before my meet with Jokid.”

      “Divo, he’s just going to call you, he’s not meeting you. So when he calls play dumb like you did in the city. See what he wants, in the meantime Bullocks…we’ll vet these peeps, man. We’ll find how to weed out the clones, find them and take them out. You may have to take Gloria and the kids to the moon.”

      “Can we agree on that,” Doobiz pleaded.

      “Babagomazaga,” I blurted out as I extended my hand, and they each put their hands on top of mine, and together, we exclaimed, “Babagomazaga!”

      We walked back inside one by one and as I entered the room again, I heard:

      “Ding ding ding!”

      The servers in their white coats were entering the suite as the head waiter was ringing his little silver bell. Dinner was being served, it was time to eat. As far as I knew it was supposed to be a small gathering. That’s what Bullocks said, but the place was packed and it wasn’t in any particular order. It resembled a wedding reception. There were forty round tables sitting nine each. There were people from worlds and galaxies sitting next to people from other worlds and galaxies. It’s funny how friendships are formed without regard to where people come from. As a matter of fact people from the same nabe can hate eachother, even if they should find themselves together in some far distant and strange place. Doobiz,Yanis and I sat together by choice, we’re family, and wanted to sit together, keeping our eyes and ears open.

      When Bullocks entered the room, everyone tinkled their glasses as he approached his seat. We were all anxious to hear what he had to say. For sure many were worried about the rumors and hoped he would shed some light on it. The ass hole from Sheeba couldn’t wait for him to address us, and asked,

      “Mr. Bullocks, sir, what do you have to say about these rumors going around?”

      He was drowned out by the roar of the crowd, and Bullocks either never heard him, or chose to ignore him. Sheebas are stubborn, and he continued to raise his hand hoping to get Bullocks attention. Sheeba is in the Gaysian Galaxy, and there are a few intelligent worlds there. Three of them were here now. The Sheeba like the Pigu, live in a society controlled by the state. It provides everything for its citizens, but dissent isn’t tolerated, they’re very cruel to dissenters. For such enlightened souls they behave like barbarians towards their own people. Their women are delightful creatures, and their society has all kinds of amenities for them. But for all the good things they have, there are many awful things. There’s no freedom. It’s funny though because the Ketsunoana, who are so polite it hurts, also come from the same galaxy. Yet unlike the other two people, they govern themselves. In the other two worlds everyone lives by the graces of the state and its officials, who are by the most part corrupt, and sometimes evil. The crews who man their space ships are state officials of the highest order, chosen from the ranks of their military. Here in this world they are dumbfounded by the way people live. They cannot believe that many of the off world people they’ve met here, have similar societies. These are people who cherish freedom and rule themselves. At that very moment it occurred to me, it was worth noting to keep these ass holes in mind too. Perhaps they were part of the conspiracy, and I decided to add the Sheeba and Pigu to the list. As my mind refocused on the present, I noticed his neighbors were quite upset with his disrespect. Some told him to put his hand down. But he continued, and as the crowd settled down he was left standing alone with his hand still up in the air.

     “Mr. Sek si,” The Premier finally gave in, recognize him, and asked: “What can I do for you sir?”

              “Mr. Bullocks, sir. We need to know if you have any information about these disturbing rumors.”

      “Rumors, sir!” He responded, and continued, “Pray tell!”

    “I don’t know. I was hoping you would tell us.”

      “Sir if you don’t know what you’re talking about, how am I supposed to know? I can’t read minds. Do we have any mind readers here?”

       “Haww haw haw haw…ha, ha ha, ha ha ha…he hee heee,” the crowd erupted intoguffaws, including the three of us.

      “Sir, he continued, there’s a story going around that someone here may have perfected an IGT, and we want to know if it’s true. If it is, then who’s the first one to be contacted?”

      “Sir, with all due respect, this is the first I’ve heard of it. As for who should be contactedfirst…well, shouldn’t that honor go to whom ever has been here the longest?”

      “I suppose so sir,” Then as he was about to sit down, he stood up again and continued, “Well is it true…Do we have an IGT?”

      “Sir, I will appoint a few people to look into it.” Finally the Sheeba reluctantly sat down.

      “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know anything about what Mr. Mr. Sek si has brought up. It would indeed be welcomed if such a thing did exist. We all want to go home right. The crowd responded with a short round of applause to agree. Then he continued, we’re here to celebrate two things. He paused, and continued, first, Doobiz here, please stand Doobiz. He stood up, and Bullocks continued. Doobiz came to me someime ago with a notion that jouniquiem exists here.

      “Ahaaaaaa,” the crowd gasped in unison.

      “Yes we all understand what that means. He found what promises to be a wonderful discovery. But before anything could be set in motion, I sent Yanis with a team to examine Doobizez’s find, and he has just confirmed that it.”

      “Applause,” filled the room.

      “Hold on, hold on…please! He was silent until they were finally quiet. Then he continued.

      “It’s just a promising situation. It’s an almost impossible task, requiring a lot of hard work to extract it, and the quantities to be extracted are uncertain. We are at this very moment conducting a study. It’s where we stand at the moment folks- a study! So we’re here to inform you and to honor Doobiz and Yanis for this promising work.

      “Applause!” It was a standing ovation with a few hell yeas thrown in for good measure.

      Everybody stood up, shook hands, and smiled at one another. I proudly applauded along with them, and Bullocks continued.

      “I don’t know anything about an IGT, that as you said Mr. Sek si, is a rumor. But we have a moral responsibility not to interfere with any society here nor with the fate of its people. We’ve long held that when ever the time comes to contact anybody or to send anybody home, the one contacted or sent home will be the one whose been here the longest. Then followed by the next and so on. Those are our only rules. So if any body has an IGT we would be more than happy to honor them, and look over their plans. Such a device must not expose us. If there’s any possibility that it will, then you must know that it will not be allowed to be used.”

      There was a roar among the guest as they all agreed. The Pigu and Sheeba were seated far from one another. I looked at both of them to see if there was any kind of eye contact between them. But I didn’t notice any. Libations were being poured and everyone enjoyed the occasion. I was grateful for the libations, in any society they relax inhibitions and people tend to let their guard down. It was a good time for us to mingle and probe their brains, because Freudian slips often occur with the help of a good stiff drink or two orthree.

      Meanwhile we spread out, and as I headed for Sek si,

      “Where you headed Orniz?” It was Yanis.

      “To that asshole Sek si,” I whispered.


      “While Bullocks was going on with him, it dawned on me that the Sheeba and Pigu have very evil societies that oppress people. And both of them are recent arrivals here. Also, their peoples  have been whining for years about putting together a quick IGT or ship. They say they want everyone to contact their people. But I believe they want to be the first to make contact with their own. The Gamboozians may well be in league with them, so I think we should add the Pigu and Sheeba to the list.”

      “And you want to pick Sek si’s brain, uh.” Doobiz whispered.

      “It’s a good idea Orniz,” Yanis added, then continued, “But you shouldn’t be the one to do it.”


      “It’s obvious bro, you’ve been talking with that sucker Jokid. If they’re in it together, then they will be on to you. The whole thing will fall apart, man. It’s better if Yanis and I do it.”

      “Doobiz is right, let him do the Pigu, and I’ll do the Sheeba. You can vanish again and see if anybody here slips and lets something out. And stay away from the water.”

      “Okay, okay,” I grudgingly agreed. They were right of course, but I responded, “I’m just drinking cola, I’m not about to screw up you know.”

      “Nobody is saying you are, we’re on the same side remember,” Yanis added as they headed off to mix it in with them.  I went to the restrooms and into an empty stall. When the place was quiet, I vanished and walked out into the crowd. I didn’t take but a couple of steps when I heard a Pigu cursing out Sek si.

      “That dumb ass hole has about as much diplomacy as a mad cow,” he was saying to a Whanker and a Merday.

      “True I thought he was going to screw everything up,” a Toi Noun added.

      “We better be cool and not arouse suspicion,” the Whanker whispered, and they dispersed.

      So I was right the Gamboozians were a part of what ever was going on and the Gaysians were in on it too. This was good news but it was also dismaying, I hoped Yanis and Doobis could get some corroborating details. But as far as I was concerned we now knew who was in on this. The next step would be to find friendly Gamboozians to help us deal with the damned clones. If we could do that, then we could lay down a plan to neutralize them.

     The Merday, and Toi Noun were out, along with the Whankers, and Shmenah. That left the Kak, Khaneeth, Putana, Dummbatz, Conyo, and Govno, six worlds. Surely someone from one of those worlds should know something. Evelyn had to know how many people from each of them was here. Yanis needed to get that information and between the three of us we should be able to find somebody by the end of the evening. I went back to the restroom, and reappeared.  When I came out I was startled by Yanis whispering:

      “What did you find out?”

       I smiled.


      “The Pigu, Merday, Toi Noun, and Whanker are definitely up to something.”


      “Yea I heard a Pigu cursing out Sek si to a Whanker, Toi Noun and a Merday.”

      “Cool, what happened?”

       “He, they were worried the Pigu was going to blow their hand. They were very upset. So I think we should vet the Garboozians. It’s only six worlds, but we don’t know how many of them are here.”

       “I think it’s more than six,” Doobiz added.

      “Yes there are about ten of them but four of them are definitely suspect, so we leave them out of it. We need to know how many people are here from each of them.”

      “I’ll ask Evelyn, it’s possible they’ll know!”

      “That would be fantastic, man.”

      “Yea that makes sense since they would be on guard for bogus peeps.”

      “You’re right about one thing. The Pigu, and Sheeba were definitely upset with Sik se. But they were tight lipped and I couldn’t get anything else.”

      “I couldn’t get anything out of anybody either, but at least now we know how to go about this. Let me go ask Evelyn, I’ll be right back”

      “Orniz there could be a bunch of people here from those six worlds.”

      “I know, I know but let’s wait and see what Yanis finds out.”

      “Another thing, how do we tell them apart?”

      “Wish we had some kind of gizmo to do that.”

      “Maybe they do or maybe Bullocks knows something.”

      “Yea he’s been here a long time and should be able to tell them apart, or he may have people who can. As soon as Yanis gets back, let’s just talk to Bullocks.”


      We turned our heads to see Yanis saying, “Forty,” again, “There are forty of them here.” Then he continued, “You’re right, we need to get Bullocks in on this, he may know the best way to go about it. If we can get this done by the end of the night, when Jokid calls, we’ll be ready for him, we’ll have a plan.”

     He went back to Bullocks’ table, leaned over him, and whispered in his ear. They both smiled at the same time, then he stood up and came back.

      “Oh man, there’s a very simple way to tell them apart.”

      “Really!” Doobiz and I blurted out.

      “Yea, it seems clones suffer dyslexia.”

      “So how does that help us?”

      “Those bogus mofoes read everything backwards, man.”


        “We wear our names backwards. Evelyn is working on it now. There are forty people here from various Gamboozian planets.”

      “Yea, yea I get you, but those forty people may not all be bogus. We just need to find the fake ones, which may be from any or all of the different worlds here. Only a few of the forty here are responsible for this, and they aren’t all bogus.”

      “So the bogus ones may be in key positions for what they want to do. We need to think this out, see who they may need where. Then check those out. The dyslexia will help to make sure they’re the real deal.”

      A moment later Evelyn approached us, she smile with the most gorgeous lavender eyes, and her natural silver hair was as stunning as ever. A lot of guys tried to get next to her, but she claimed a blissful innocence of the flesh. Though it seemed to me there was bit of lust in her eye when she looked at or talked with Yanis. If she was a virgin, then it was certain that at 200 plus years, she was the oldest virgin on the planet.

      “Here you go Yanis,” for a moment there I thought she was going to nibble on his ear. “I hope this helps,” she whispered as she handed him our name cards. She turned around and slowly walked back to her table.  She gave him three name cards with our names spelled backwards.

      “Now what,” I asked.

      “Now we go and talk to everybody, If they ask about our name, we simply say Evelyn’s people made an error. It’s too late to fix it, so we’re wearing it as a joke. But, if they read it out loud correctly, or rightly call you by your name…we have a suspect.”

      “Yea, that makes sense.”

      “So let’s go on out there and see how many suspects we can get.”

      “So like before, Doobiz, you go around to the right side, Orniz, you do the left side. I’ll do the middle.”

      “What do we do with them?”

      “We’re going to let Bullocks and his people interview them.”

      “Before this night is over we’re going to have a battle plan, me pal.”

      It didn’t take me long. I went straight for those three dummies from the Gabboozian Federation. I tapped my chest to make my name tag a little askew. It would make them notice for sure, and perhaps make them read it. They would either pronounce my name correctly or say it was spelled backwards. It was like fishing I guess, but these were big, important freaking fish. They were by the bar enjoying their choice of spirits.

      “Ahhh Sek si,” I said as I extended my hand out to greet the Merday.

       “Hi, I’m…” I never finished, as the Toi Noun responded with “Screw that asshole Orniz.” Then he continued with, “I’m Cul, from Toi Noun, and this…

      “Dan Che,” from from Pigu, said as he extended his hand.

      I smiled and as he was about to continue the introductions, the Whanker interjected.

      “Hi, I’m Bond from Whanker.” Then he added, “Ah your name tag is crooked Mr. souinrO.” 

      Bingo I got a fish. I smiled, looked at my tag, and said, “Ah so it is, uh.”

      “Ya dummy his name is Ornious, can’t you read,” Cul chided him.

      There upon, Dan Che  added. “Oh don’t mind him, he’s been drinking a lot of cola. He’s a lil oscillated and he’s practically blind. When he gets like that he reads stuff backwards,” Dan Che explained and started to laugh.

      “He hee heee, ya dumb mofo,” Cul added, as he joined Dan Che. They thought it was funny a little bit too much I thought. So I gave them a couple of he hees, smiled, and shook their hands.

     “You guys, (I wanted to say bozos, but I didn’t), are having a grand time I see. Don’t let me stop you,” I smiled and kept moving. I went back to the men’s room, it was empty so I tapped my mag and went back to find them.

      “You  asshole!” Dan Che  was scolding him, “You could’ve given us away.”

      “Don’t worry Cul, Ornious never caught on. It was obviously a computer error, and he never noticed.”

      That confirmed it, at first I thought it was just Bond who was the bogus one, but it seems all three of them were fake, copies. Dan Che and Cul were in control. But Bond screwed up, and now this chat between the three of them, confirmed they were bogus and dangerous.

      I walked around the room a bit more but either they were dummies or they were real faced people. For they all pointed out that my name was misspelled on my tag. So we all laughed, and I continued fishing. I went back by Bullocks table and stood behind Evelyn. She kept moving her head as her eyes followed Yanis around the room. Perhaps she was trying to see if he was flirting with some of the other gorgeous ladies in the room. They all flirted with him, but he was all business, smiling and walking off from one table to another.

       “That table over there with Pigu,” I turned my head, it was Doobiz, “They’re all in it, there’s about five of them there.” He explained, and continued, “They were all scolding him for being a big dummy. It seems they can’t drink cola. They get a buzz and he’s been drinking a lot of it. Man, they were all over his arse for being stupid. But they believe no harms been done, and they’re confident nobody here is unto them.”

      “That’s good Doob, the more confident they are the better it is for us.”

      “Yea, we need to use that,” he agreed.

      “No luck guys.” Yanis whispered, “How about you,” he continued.

      “Really!” Doob blurted out.

     “Not a freaking one. Either they’re in control or they’re the real deal guys.”

     “Well, Orniz found those bozos and it seems they’re all fakes.”

     “Yea,” he looked at us wide eyed.

     “As fake as a gaybloom at a ball, man.”

     “He he hee!”

     “What’s so funny guys,” Bullocks asked as he turned around.

     “It’s hard to explain sir, you’d have to be an Aranjaynion.”

      He stood up, moved in close to us, and, “Oh come on give it a shot,” he pleaded.

     “Well sir, Doob tried to give it his best, and continued, “Gayblooms are guys who think they’re females. Many times they fool real guys…and well, sir, it’s kind of really funny. Especially when they pull it off and the victim becomes aware of it in front of his pals.”

     “He hee heee, yea we have the same thing back home, we call them Gayamalas. I Believe every world has them. They’re universal. So who is a, a gaybloom, you said, right.”

      “Yes sir,” we replied together with a big smile.

      “So who is the gaybloom here?”

      “None that we know, sir.”

      “Come again!”

      “Sir, it’s like gayblooms are fake females, and well…there’s a table here full of clones.”

     “Yes sir,” I added, “As fake as a Gayamala, uh.”

      “Oh I get it…he hee heee, so your fishing expedition was fruitful, uh.”

      “Yes sir, those three bozos I told you about earlier are gayblooms, er…I mean clones,” I responded.

     “And that table with Pigus is also a bunch of gayblooms too, sir.”

      His eye brows raised and his eyes narrowed as he stopped laughing. Then he looked across the room and motioned for his security people to come over.

      “We got this covered fellas, before this night is over we’ll have a battle plan. You guys need to relax, and enjoy yourselves. Let my people round these dummies up. But stick around because in the morning we’re going to put on our battle gear.”

      There was a band, and it was playing a slow waltz. Classical music is so soothing, and
sometimes, romantic. For a moment I missed not having brought Gloria, she would have loved it. As Bullocks walked away, Yanis grabbed Evelyn’s hand and led her out to the dance floor. Doobiz looked at me, and smiled.

     “Methinks you were right Orn, there is something going on with them, uh.”

      They were dancing cheek to cheek, swaying with the music, and they were in seventh heaven. I smiled back at Doobiz and winked at him. Then we headed back to the bar. Bullock’s was a very brilliant soul. He’d known all along about the shenanigans going on, but had kept a tight lip on it. The affair about honoring Yanis, and Doob was all bogus. It was a well laid out trap to catch a bunch of stinky fish. They were bogus, empty flesh and blood automatons. Later I found out that from what Bullocks knew about it, he believed they were soulless. They were either vacuous or had some intelligence. They weren’t very smart, just enough to follow simple directions. They also seemed to be dyslexic.

      Back on his world, Nextousia they had long ago outlawed the technology. They had also developed a technique to probe their empty skulls to see what was inside. So Bullocks upon learning of the threat to the community, set up this bogus event. He had his security people on alert. They all knew as much as they needed to know to deal with the situation. Some knew more than others, and they were organized to handle the interviews which were going to take place. Bullocks had separate suites on the same floor of the event, and his people were going to interview all the candidates. The very same Yanis, Doob and I found.

      Bullocks had a few gorgeous gals assigned to bring them to the interview, on the pretext of being privately honored. Evelyn of course selected her personal contacts to do the escorting. Nobody not even a vacuous clone, especially an oscillated one, can resist the sweet whisperings of a drop dead female specimen of any world. So one by one, Bullock’s angels brought him the candidates. That kept suspicion out of the equation as the ladies went back and forth, getting them one by one. Bullocks had it down to a science. They started with Bond from Whanker who was the first soul to enjoy Fusima’s sweet coaxing voice. That gal would make any top pop twit jealous of her utterances. Her oval eyes would make any inebriated fool swoon. She channeled Mae West and sashayed her lovely derriere over to the Whanker, and  

     “Mr. Bond,” she sweetly sang as she extended her lovely hand. The dummy almost slid
out of his chair, and

     “A ba ba ba, er…excuse me! Of course, I am he.” He responded as he composed himself and straightened his back.

      She smiled and responded,

      “I’m Fusima…” Before she could finish her sentence, he interjected,

      “Of course yar are my dear,” and started to stand.

      She smiled, and as he was half way up, she leaned in close to him, and softly whispered in his ear.

      “I’m Mr. Bullocks’ assistant, and he would like to meet you.”

      “Of course, of course,” he responded, and continued, “After you, please.”

      His pals were bewildered, wondering what such a divine creature could possible want with such a clumsy drunken lamebrain.

      “Maybe she has a thing for drunken dudes, man.” Ton Cul exclaimed, loud enough for Bond to hear. To which he gave Toi Noun a gleeful smirk, as they watched him trail her. He followed her as if he were a happy puppy following his mama.

      “That bastard has always been lucky, always comes out smelling like a rose everytime.”

      “Well this time the rose got him….let’s hope she pricks him real good.”

      “He hee heee…haw haw haw,” came his response.

      “Yea she could well be a gammama!”

       They both cracked up and soon the whole table was up in loud guffaws. Then Ton Cul
stopped laughing and realized she was no gammama.

      “If that’s a gammama, I’m Adonis, man.”

      “What’s an Adonis,” Dan Che asked.

      “He’s a mythical character in this world who personifies what is a handsome man.”

      “Haw haw haw…ya  freaking fat ass, in your dreams.”

      “Then for sure she’s no gammama, uh”

     They continued to argue about Bond’s prowess with the ladies as they watched him walk out the door behind her. Little did they suspect, the fate awaiting their clumsy pal. He was first because he was the one who correctly read my backward name tag. He was most definitely a clone candidate, not only for the dyslexia but also for his mental acuity.
Meanwhile Yanis, Doob and I kept our fingers crossed.

     When Bond entered the room, it was aglow in a bluish haze emanating from the four
corners in the ceiling. It was Bullocks’ interrogating device, a mind scanner. Long ago he
used his technology to build one in case the need ever came up. This was as good as any.
Fusima gently guided Bond to a sofa, where Bullocks was seated smiling, and enjoying a drink.

    “Please, Mr. Bond, join me!”

     The light worked through the optic nerve and disarmed the subject, making him relax. Bullocks smiled, and extended his hand in friendship. Bond sat next to him, and leaned back, as Fusima handed him another cola. In the back Bullocks’ people read the data extracted from Bond’s mind as it streamed from his brain.

      “Are you having a good time?”

      “Oh, yes Sir, it’s a really smashing affair you’re having,” he smiled.

      “Thank you, by the by…do you know Mr. Jokid?”

      “Oh yes sir, he’s a really great guy, we run into each other once in a while.”

       “How about Zoutious?”

       “Z! Yea, he’s my pal.”

      “So you guys hang together?”

      “Yea, sometimes.”

      “How about  Nook…Noko duby?”

      “Oh you mean Nookodubididy?


      “No offense Mr. Bullocks, but what’s with the interrogation, sir?”

      “None taken Bond, we just want to extend them the same courtesy, and meet with
them in person too. After all we appreciate the work you do for us. So, just like you, we want to honor them too. Wouldn’t you agree they do a good job?”

     “Oh, absolutely, sir.”

     “Do you guys ever get together as a group?”

     “All the time!”

    “They must be a great bunch, uh”

     “No doubt,” he smiled.

     He was as relaxed as if he was at his therapist, and his mind opened up to the light. He was feeling good and felt honored to be shooting the bull with Bullocks. As their chatter continued, the guys in the back discovered that this divo was an empty shell. There wasn’t anything useful in his mind. He was most definitely a clone of the real Bond, who was obviously being held somewhere. The real Bond, a brilliant magnetic field physicist, had been missing for a while. Then one day this dummy showed up to take his place. The real Bond was probably being forced to work on their project. The only thing the team in the back could do was to reprogram his mind. They gave him a feeling of euphoria, and of having experienced a wonderful time with Fusima. Bullocks kept him talking for fifteen minutes, until his technician emerged from behind a curtain and shook his head.

      “Nothing there sir,” he whispered.

      “Ah Mr. Bond, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you. Keep up the good work,” he said as he rose from his seat, and continued, “Fusima will see you back to your table.”

      It was obvious Bond was being held against his will, he was dedicated to the community’s interest. This dude didn’t have a clue about physics, and all he wanted to do was have a good time. Magentia was as sweet as a child, and as curvaceous as a healthy young nubile teenager. She emerged from behind the curtain as Fusima left, and smiled at Bullocks.

      “Which one do we get now, sir?”

      “Ummm, can we do two at a time?”

      “No problem, sir!” The response came from the back.

      “So then, Magentia, get Domina and bring Dan Che and Ton Cul. By now they must be thinking that Bond got lucky with Fusima, and will believe they will enjoy the same.”

      “Tee he heee,” was her response, and the room erupted with guffaws.

      “Indeed, but let us hope these two morons will be more productive than that lummox.”

      So she smiled, and left to find Dominia. Together they waltzed over to Bond’s table who was bragging about what a wonderful time he had with Fusima. Domina went to Ton Cul and whispered in his ear, at the same time as Magentia did to Dan Che. They invited them to join Bullocks. They glanced at one another, smiled and marveled at how lucky they were, and stood up at the same time. Then they followed the ladies to Bullocks’ suite. Since they too were clones, the light affected them in the same way. Again Bullocks engaged them in mindless chatter, and in the back, the team found a little different result. They were clones alright. Dan Che was the same as Bond, but Ton Cul was different. He was engineered to direct and carry out assignments. He was the Alfa clone, if there could be such a thing, and was the leader of the other two. Since they were under the light’s influence, they kept drinking more cola. This gave Bullocks’ more time to play mind games, as the guys kept extracting more information from them. After twenty minutes, Dolian signaled Bullocks that it was enough. They had all they could get out of them. One had nothing, and the other had a little more. So Bullocks stood up, smiled and shook Dan Che’s hand, then Ton Cul’s.

      “Gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure! Please keep up the good work,” and bid them adieu.

      They were blissfully unaware of what had happened, as the girls let them out of the room.

      “That’s only three of them sir.”

      “I know, I know, we have forty of them. How many can the MDE handle at the same time?”

      “It’s never been tested, but it right away eliminates the blanks, and zooms in on the data.”

      “So, how many data extractors are there?”


      “Ummm, what if there were six people in the room?

      “Well, it would ignore the blanks, and zoom into the data.”

      “Can you jump from one to the other?”

       “Oh no sir, but if we had six, and we can reasonably assume that most of them are blanks, it’s an acceptable calculation…it’s a fifty-fifty proposition.”

      “Forty of them, uh!”

      “Minus those three bozos, sir.”

      “Then that’s thirty seven!”

      “Correct, sir.”

      “So then, it’s six at a time, or we’ll never get this done.”

     All was going according to plan, and Cho Cha was the next angel, a lovely carrot top with sparkling green eyes. She was followed by Minxia, a delightful soul who looked as though she were a native Scandinavian. They were joined by Devouria, who though she looked like a coquette, was as serious as a migraine. They were all as different from one another as apples and peaches. But they looked as if they had been cast in the same Barbie mold. These three lovely ladies joined Dominia, Fusima, and Magentia. Every 5 minutes they went to one table after another and coaxed another three dummies to Bullocks’ snare. Every ten minutes, there were six of them being scanned. The first time everybody was a little nervous when another three came into the room. Everybody, except the techies in the back, they theorized the dummies wouldn’t even recognize each other in the haze. They were right. They were also right about their fifty-fifty proposition. The MDE ignored the empty brains and went straight for the alphas. Bullocks made the right call, and so every five minutes he sent his angels out again. He gave the dummies time to relax and let their guard down. Within ninety minutes we had interviewed thirty-six of them, but there wasn’t any real meat in the data. The only guy feeling left out of the party at the table was Sek si. When he saw Evelyn personally come to escort him back to Bullocks, he almost exploded with delight. He thought he had been saved for last to receive the best. He almost jumped out of his seat to greet her. She smiled at him, didn’t say a word as she turned around, and he followed her like a mouse following the piper. The minute he entered the room, he realized what was going on. He tried to bold out the door, but Bullocks’ security was ready for such an outcome. He was aware that only a real human being, and one who understood cloning technology would know what was happening. Sek si did and tried to bolt. He also made a jerky move to reach into his pocket, but Dolian was quick to grab his arm and stopped him. At same time Conyo reached into his pocked and seized his zapper. Sek si struggled but it was all in vain, he was snared by two souls any wrestling federation would be proud to sign. He was quickly strapped into a chair, and the MDE’s settings were set for humanoid. Bullocks smiled, and

     “Well Sek si, so now we know why you were so agitated before, uh.”

      His lips were closed so tight they turned a pale pink, almost white, and they seemed to be fused. At the same time his eyes were nearly bulging out of their sockets.

      “This is no mouse we have here sir,” Conyo exclaimed with a big grin.

      “No, you’re right Conyo, this here is a rat,” Bullocks responded.

      “A big freaking rat, sir,” I added.

      “It will be interesting to see what we find in this lame ass,” Doobiz blurted out.

       The lights returned to normal, Evelyn yanked a hair from his head, and gave it to Dolian. He quickly took it to the back. There the staff reprogrammed the machine for Sek si’ DNA and the lights instantly became a hot pink. Then it softly hummed as it swiftly scanned his mind. Sek si slowly closed his eyes, and smiled as his mind danced into a swirl of his thoughts. He was in a fantasy world full of sweet dreams, his home, his people and his loved ones. It revealed his plans to contact them, and travel back home through the cosmos. His mind reviewed his plans, and the MDE recorded it all for us to study.

     Afterwards as Evelyn led him back to his table, he had a big smile on his face.

      “Oh, that was so cool, Eve. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to meet with Bullocks, too. He’s a great guy!”

       “Yes, everybody say’s that.”

      He walked away never the wiser that he’d been scanned. When she returned she started to help with the intel, but Bullocks asked her,

       “Would you please thank our guest for coming, and inform them that the party is over.”

      “Yes sir,” she responded and left. There was a lot of work to do, and we turned our attention to the intel. The techs deciphered it, and we planned our next move. Sek si was one of Jokid’s lieutenants, but Jokid himself was not the leader. It was possible that it was one of those two disgruntled late arrivals. Either Zoutious or Nookodubididy’s or both of them were leading this threat. We needed to clarify that. But for now at least we knew who they were and where they were. Their home base was as Jokid had told me, our abandoned quarters below Antarctica.

     “That is a huge place, but thankfully we have the lay out,” Bullocks declared.

      “Sir they could have hundreds of clones down there,” Conyo observed.

      “Indeed we’re going to have to send in a small team. We need to reconnoiter the conditions before we do anything.”

      “I’ll get right on it sir.”

      There is little that Bullocks doesn’t know, he called me, then asked Yanis and Doobis to join us.

      “Gentlemen,” He greeted us, “Nobody else knows, but I know of your stealth gadgets. I spent some time on Aranjaynion, a long time ago. Nobody else in our community has anything that even comes close to it either. So…”

      “You want us to do this job, right.” I blurted out.

      “Yes Ornious I do, you’re the only ones that can pull this off and come back safely. Obviously you must know we just can’t go in there and zap everybody. The energy out put would expose us. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. But if we know what we’re up against, we can do something without being exposed or getting anybody harmed.


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