Spies and clones everywhere

      On the way home I thought of the Merday, a world in the Gamboozian federation. I know
there are several Merday in our community. But I had never connected the dots. Then I
remembered it was the Merday who perfected cloning technology, and spread it to the rest of the federation. There were perhaps six of them here, and they had been here for a very long time, they were almost ancient. I was slightly acquainted with two of them, Teebit and Dorbik, whom I met at one of our Lunar festivities. But I hadn’t seen them in a long time, nor did I know how to find either of them. They were close, and if I found one, the other would not be far behind. That was now one of my goals. If they knew or were pals of Nookodubididy and Zootious, then I could connect some dots. When I got home I talked it over with Gloria, and we decided it was a good idea to check with Evelyn. The Merday were probably the closest to nobility in our community, they were almost above suspicion. Looking for one would not raise any eyebrows. Evelyn was the go to for finding Teebit or Dorbik.

      I spent the next few hours making calls, trying to find a connection to any of them. But it was a waste. Killing time is not easy when you’re anxious, and more so when danger rears its ugly head. The dream made me nervous and my skin felt tingly. There was nothing I could do and so I was on edge all afternoon. It’s unnerving to be aware of imminent danger and not be able to do anything about it. When the kids came home from school they removed all of that from my mind. We played ball in the backyard for a while, and afterwards we watched cartoons together. Those silly animations made me laugh and drew the menace even further from my mind. That swashbuckling captain Sam, the stuttering porker, that smart ass bunny and that damned drooling loser duck had me in stitches all the way into dinner. After dinner and a few bottles of water I was ready for bed.

       In the morning after breakfast I called Evelyn and she told me Dorbik lived out on the west coast. She was happy to give me his number. I called him, but he was out on the golf course. He had a passion for the links I was told, and would be back by three that afternoon. Of course doughnuts to dollars Teebit being with him was an inside bet.

      Right after that I got a call from Jokid. He informed me that he was making progress, what ever that meant, and he would get back to me the next day. Perhaps they were voting on whether to let me in or not. If not I wondered if they planned to take me out. I really needed to connect some dots. He was going to call me the next day, and I desperately wanted to know if his other pals included Zootious, Dorbik, Teebit, Nookodubididy and or any other Merday. It was early, I was alone, and all I had was time on my hands. I thought of calling the premier, but I needed a pretext, I didn’t have one, and I couldn’t think of one. Life is full of surprises, and about a half hour later the phone rang.

      “Is this Mr. Ornious,” A sweet polished feminine voice asked.

      “Who wants to know?”

      “I’m Cho Cha, Mr. Bullocks’ personal assistant, and he would like to speak with you.”

      “The premier,” I gasped, I was blown away.

      “The one and only, please hold,” she responded.

      The pause seemed like an eternity, and I wondered what he wanted. I met him twice. Yanis introduced me to him both times. The second time he remembered me by name.

      “Ah yes, Ornious, Yanis’ bff, uh,” his deep joyful voice rang out as he extended a friendly hand.

      He’s a kind, genteel soul with a contagious, mirthful laugh. A real gregarious personality, but when it comes to our community he’s as serious as a Jihad. His people coordinate everything and he knows everyone and everything that’s happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew everyone in the community by name. Most of us don’t have any special powers in this world, like great strength or the ability to read minds or control them. We’re all alike, the same, the only difference being we live longer, and are more spiritually evolved. So our mental faculties are more in tune with our spirit. Our intuition is sharper, our perception is more accurate. We’ve learned to control our passions, most especially lust. We don’t react like the lower species and give into a continual rut. We’re more aware of the Creator’s presence in the universe. We find it amusing that some people here think the universe has any control over things. It is just a place, like Paris or London, New York or the moon are places. The universe is our dimension, it’s where we all live however distant from one another. It’s our home. Besides our higher evolution, our science is more advance, so we have more advanced gadgets. While waiting for him, I was trying to remember our last conversation when…

      “Mr. Ornious, are you there,” his voice shattered my thoughts.

      “Yes sir, I responded.

      “So how have you been?”

      Here was my opportunity to start connecting some dots, to find out who the players were, and what my part in all of this could be. I wanted to spill everything, my mind was overflowing with all kinds of thoughts like a water fall. But I was aware my phone could be bugged. After all I still didn’t know if Yanis was a good guy or a bad guy. So I responded,

      “To what do I owe this surprise?”

      “I’m having a little get together in the city this evening, and since Yanis is my guest of honor, I thought having his bff here, would be fitting. Wouldn’t you agree?”

      “Sir it would be my honor indeed,” I responded.

      “Fine, Cho Cha will give you the details, and I will see you then.”

      There was a short pause then, “Mr. Onious, are you still there?”

      “Yes ma’am,” I responded.

      “Oh I’m not that old, please don’t ma’am me. Cho Cha is just fine!”

      “Okay then.”

      She proceeded to give me the details. He was in the city, at the Waldorf and the gathering would be at seven in the evening. Casual wear would be fine, and dinner would be served. I was looking forward to it, since the following day I had to either meet with or hear from Jokid. I had to have some kind of game plan for him and his group, and I didn’t know yet if he was a bad guy or a good guy.

      It was almost three, so I called Teebit again

      “Hello, My name is Ornious, I called before is Teebit in yet.”

      “Yes, I remember you. Mr. Teebit is not in yet, but his associate Mr. Dorbik just walked in, would you like to talk with him?”

      “Can I help you,” Dorbik answred before I could respond.

      “Hi, I’m Ornious, I…”

      “Oh yea, how are you,” he interjected before I could continue.

      “You remember me?”

      “Of course I do, we were discussing the various buzz makers, err…intoxicants in this world.”

      “Oh that’s right, Teebit told me you’re fond of sea water.”

      “Yes we do get a nice buzz from it. But you didn’t call me to discuss buzzes did you?”

      “No I was wondering if you know Zoutious or his pal Nookodubididy?”

      “No and I’m sure Teebit doesn’t either. To be sure we don’t think anybody really know those bozos”

      “How about Jokid?”

      “Not really…but hey, I remember that Teebit told me that he believed that…well, he called them the three stooges.”


      “He hee heee…I think he saw them together at a coffee shop in Buenos Aires sometime ago.”

      “Do you know what they may have been up to?”

      “Well he said they looked like they were planning something, but he never got close enough to find out.”

      “How‘s that?”

      “Well he said he went to their table, but when he approached them, they clamed up. He told me he knows when to get a clue, so he wish them well and moved on.”

      “Buenos Aires, uh.”

     “We like to go clubbing there from time to time. The ladies are fabulous and the Tango is
fantastic. You should go sometime. What do you want with the bozos?”

     “I’ve been trying to contact them for sometime. I’m longing to go home, and am wondering how they’re coming along with their experiments.”

     I didn’t know how or if any of these people were in cahoots so I didn’t let him in on anything.

     “Oh yea, I see. Well, we all want to go home. But I wouldn’t be betting my farm on stooges.”

     “I understand, but you never know, even stooges get lucky some time. Anyway, I’m just
curious. But, hey give Dorbik my regards, okay.”

     “I’ll do, and if you ever find out what they’re up to and if we can go home, please don’t forget us. The Tango is cool, but you know there is no place like home, right.

      “Yea, I won’t…it’s been great yapping with you.”

      At last I now I knew that the three of them knew each other, and were maybe even working together. I decided not to bring Gloria, because it was too late to find a bay sitter. I told her I was leaving early to avoid the rush hour. She was a little miffed, because she had never met the premier. She wanted to and would have loved to, but this was really a last minute thing. I also felt this was more than just a small gathering to honor anybody, especially with the premier being there. His appearances anywhere usually imply something grave. So with the present danger, and with Yanis having discovered jouniquiem here, I was sure there was something amiss. I was in the dark, and hoped they were going to bring me in out of the cold. I took my time and left sometime after three in the afternoon. I really didn’t know what to expect, and I kept trying not to think of the what ifs. You should never let your mind cloud you with darkness, especially in troubling times.

      I was right to leave when I did, there were several bottlenecks on the way, and a trip that
usually takes a couple of hours took the better part of three. I parked the car, and it was six
fifteen when I walked into the Waldorf. It’s a New York art deco landmark where many
dignitaries, politicians, and celebrities stay while in the city. The lobby has a very somber
atmosphere, and the young clerk at the front desk just happened to be British.

     “Mr. Bullocks’ room please,” I politely asked. She immediately lost her composure, and
instantly cracked up in an uproarious guffaw.

     “Har har har…haw haw haw!”

     Bullocks’ is an exclamation among the Brits, used in moments of anguish, and obviously she thought it was hilarious. Funny I had never connected the dots, and for a brief moment I wanted to laugh too, but didn’t. She obviously thought it was hilarious, and lost it. Finally she regained her cool, looked straight at me, somehow managed to smile, and asked,

      “Are you serious sir?”

      As startled guest turned to stare at her spectacle, some smiling while others just curious,  I responded:

      “Of course I am madam!”

       She turned to her console, and in a nanosecond, smiled again, and

      “You are?”

      “Orb… Orb Ornious,” I responded.

      She tittered and almost lost it again on account of my name being Orb. But she was resolute, and inhaled deeply.


      She grabbed a tissue and dabbed at the tear dangling from her right eye, then continued.

      “Yes sir, you’re on the guest list, and Mr. Bullocks,” she tried very hard to stifle a giggle

again, “He hee heeee!” But, she just couldn’t help herself, and it took her a long moment, before she continued, “He’s in suite 007 he hee heee…”

      I smiled and wanted laugh with her, but I was in control and didn’t.

      “Ahem!” She loudly cleared her throat and continued, “You need to call and be announced before going up.”

      Before I could thank her, she continued,

      “Sir, I apologize for my lack of decorum, but…”

      “Don’t worry I know all about it,” I winked at her, turned around and headed for the elevators. For a second I wondered if she peed herself, then I realized I needed to call first, so I did and was told to come right up. The door was ajar, and a guard closed it behind me.

      Right away I noticed the premier on a sofa talking with Yanis, and several guest whom I
didn’t know. Behind them against the wall was a small open bar. It was really supposed to be a small gathering. There were a few people and other than Yanis and the premier I didn’t
recognize anybody.

      “Ornious,” The premier stood up as he waved me over.

      “I smiled, and as I walked over, he met me half way and shook my hand,

      “Glad you could make it son.” He smiled, put his arm around my shoulders and continued,

      “It’s an open bar, help yourself, relax we’ll be having dinner in a short while. We’re just
waiting for a few more people. You’re really early it’s not even seven yet. Get yourself a drink and join us.”

      I waved to Yanis and went to the bar. I was looking over the treats for my favorite water, really they’re all the same, but I felt a certain one tasted a lot like Aranjaynion water. Perhaps it was my imagination, and I made a mental note to ask Yanis if he thought so too. Then as I was reaching for it, I felt an arm on my shoulders,

      “Damn, Orniz! Long time no see amigo.”

       I turned around and suddenly felt weak at the knees.

     “Are you feeling alright…you look like you’ve seen a daimon, man.”

     “You, you…you,” I responded.

     “Of course it’s me, who the hell do you think I am?”

     It was Doobiz in the flesh. He looked the same as the last time we saw each other, he was
there smiling and obviously just glad to see me. I was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond, when Yanis came over looking overly concerned.

          “Orniz, Orniz, are you okay, man,” he asked as he shook me by the shoulders.

      It took me more than a moment to recompose myself. Then I stared at Doobiz, and

     “Aye, aye, aye I saw ya die!”

     “It must have been some dream, man.”

     By this time the premier had joined them and he too was looking concerned,

     “Take him over to that sofa,” he pointed to a corner, and continued, “Let him relax a bit. He  looks like he’s seen a corpus anima. His hands are so cold.”

      The three of them hustled me to the corner over my protestations. I couldn’t get a word in as they blabbered on about what was wrong with me. Finally at the sofa, I sat down, and was given a cup of warm tea to reenergize. I looked at the three of them, stared is more like it then I stammered:

      “I don’t know where to begin!”

      “Whet ever do you mean, man,” the premier asked.

      “Two days ago I met with Doobiz, and,” before I could continue, Doobiz protested that he hadn’t been around this part of the world in years.

      “The last time I saw you Orniz was when we parted company after the crash.”

      “That’s right Orniz,” Yanis added, “He hasn’t been around here in a long time, and the
last time I saw him was at his wedding.”

     “Which you missed, and we were quite upset with you too,” Doobiz added.

     “Well, I saw you die, man. You were zapped!”

     “Oh my, what a terrible way to go,” Doobiz rolled his eyes and smiled.

     “Honest Doobiz, I was sitting right next to you in your car. We were as close to one another as we are now. Then the laser hit you between the eyes. I ran out of the car before they could zap me too, and hid. I watched them take your body away, and I swear the guy orchestrating the whole thing was Yanis. I saw him, but he didn’t see me. I was out of sight, hiding behind some bushes. When they left I went straight home. I’ve been scared ever since, and hoped I could connect some dots here.”

      Yanis looked hurt. His eyes were moist with a tear dangling from his left eye refusing to drop.

     “Why didn’t you say something to me the other day, don’t you trust me.”

      “Brother I’ve been scared for my family, that mofoe looked just like you man, and I was

     “You didn’t know me…You really hurt me Orniz!”

     “This is serious man, if that guy was you, then who the hell are you, and if he wasn’t you, then who the hell was he,” I pleaded.”

     The three of them shook their heads as they looked at one another.

     “Who ever this soul was, he called me Orniz. You two are the only ones, besides Gloria, who call me that, nobody else does!”

      “Guys this sounds serious,’ Doobiz wondered out loud, and continued. “A week ago I was out on the coast, LA to be exact, and I swear I saw you Yanis. You were crossing the street, I yelled and ran after you. I guess you didn’t hear me. Before I could get across, you jumped into a snappy European make, and burnt rubber on the way out. I didn’t have my cell with me at the time, so I couldn’t call you. But I swear by all that is holy in Aranjaynion it was you.”

       “I promise you Orniz, and Mr. Bullocks’ here can confirm, a week ago I was in the South
Pacific. I didn’t get back here until the other day, and the first soul I contacted was you.”

      “That’s true we had Mex for lunch in your honor Doobiz,” I confirmed.

      “What the hell is it with you Aranjaynions and Mexican food? That shit makes me sick!”

     “Har har har…ho ho ho…he hee heee!”

      Everybody looked our way and assumed all was well and we were telling jokes. We looked at each other and laughed some more. Then Yanis explained to him that we ate it once in a while to remember our ordeal when we first arrived.

      “Me too,” Doobiz, added, “I get some every year to remember the day.”

      “Fellas this is serious business, there’s only one group in our community capable of this,” Bullocks exclaimed.

      “It’s them feckers from Merday, sir.” Yanis responded, and added, “I apologize, sir for my profanity.”

      “No, no you’re quite right they’re the only ones with that kind of technology here. The local creatures are barely beginning to understand how to use a microscope.”

      “But to what end, and how do we know who is whom, and who do we trust sir,”  Doobiz asked.

      “We need to be able to see the larger picture here. I can assure you that Yanis is who he is, and so is Doobiz. As a matter of fact on account of Doobiz’s research I sent him over there to investigate. So, Doobiz is also whom he is, and they both know you. Only the three of you could possibly know about the Mexicans. So, that leaves me, and my staff is with me twenty four  seven. As for this bogus Doobiz calling you Orniz…well obviously who ever he is, is going to a lot of trouble to pull off what ever it is they, and I say they, because this sounds like is really organized. They must have spies, and it’s very possible they overheard Yanis calling you Orniz somewhere.”

      At that point I clued them into what I had been up to the last week. I began with the last Lunar festivity, and ended with Jokid’s meeting in the city the day before.

      “Ton Cul!”

      “I beg your pardon,” the premier looked at Doobiz.

      “Ton Cul, he’s from Merday, he’s a most capable scientist, and any scientist from there is capable of cloning technology. They study it in their universities in order, they believe, to better understand life. I believe there are at least five of them here. But for the most part they’re all for maintaining our secrecy and leaving this world to its destiny. They won’t interfere.

     “Will he be here today,” I asked.

      “Unfortunately not,” the premier responded.

      “How about Jokid, or Zootius and his nut job of a pal… Nookodubididy,” I added.

      “No these people you mention are under our radar, those last two seldom appear at our lunar festivities. Those bozos only show up when they want something. We believe all three of them are extremely disgruntled.

      “How in the hell did you manage to spew all that out Orniz? Hell, my tongue is still hurting just from the sound of it.”

      “I remember more than I want to sometimes, Doobiz.”

      “I hope just one of them shows up here,” Yanis added with a clenched fist.

      If it’s as you say, we have a lot of work to do, and we need to do it fast. You should call your people and inform them that you won’t be coming home tonight. We’ll send a security detail to watch over them Orniz. So don’t worry, right now we have to deal with this or none of us will be safe.

      “Antarctica!” I exclaimed.

      “Come again.” Bullocks responded.

      “It’s where they’re holed up.”

      “How do you know?”

      “Jokid told me when we met. He said they have laser canons and would erase anything in the sky.”

      “Damn! That must be our old base. It will indeed be a task getting them out of there. After dinner, we’ll assemble a few people and put our heads together.”

      Within the next forty minutes people from Dubidizes, Merday, Pigu, Kak, Khaneeth, Toi
Noun, Whanker,
Stronzo, Dummbatz, Tae, Shmenah, Pendejo, Maa-cho, Kree Ka, and Aho, all Worlds from the Gamboozian Galaxy, slowly appeared without much fan fare. For sure one thing was certain, since they had all been here for a long time, and their worlds had long been members of their federation, they knew one another. They were highly evolved souls, but grief can make even the most evolved soul do horrible things. So, we felt they were all suspect since the jokers we doubted were all from one of those worlds, and most especially the two from Merday. One of them was a cloning artiste and the other seemed to be his flunky. Of course there were folks from various other galaxies through out the Cosmos. All of their worlds and galaxies as far from one another as they were from this world. But in our minds none of them stood out as much as the Gamboozians. It was our task to vet them all and not give ourselves away in the process. These idiots were dangerous they had already killed. The Khaneethians were like dogs, big bark no bite. Still all of them wanted to go home or to contact their loved ones. They were no different than the rest of us. But to be safe the premier decided to not to include any of them in our strategizing.

      “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” he whispered to us on the couch.

      We nodded our heads in agreement, and he continued, “When they’re all gone we’ll remain, stay all night if need be, and make certain our course. Right now let’s get out there, mingle, and keep our ears open.”

      He stood up and joined members of his staff. Doobiz, Yanis and I remained. We needed
to figure out whom to approach and what to say and how to say it. We had been here over seventy years, but some of these people had been here for centuries. Others were descended from people who died long ago, but had left them with a love for a world they had never seen.

     “Hell any of them could be longing enough to be a part of this nightmare,” Doobiz

     “True,” Yanis and I agreed at the same time.

     “But,” Yanis continued, “We can’t just exclude none Gamboozians from being vetted.”

     “We need to be careful, let’s concentrate on the Gamboozians, and see where it takes us. These assholes are bound to make a mistake,” I added.

     “They already made a mistake by not being here,” Doobiz assured us.

     “It seems that way, but we don’t know if they weren’t invited, after all, the premier was
clueless until a moment ago,” Yanis noted.

     “Then we must ask Evelyn, she would know for sure.”

     “Hey what if she’s in on it with them, working on the inside for them. If she is, she may
become suspicious, and we’re done for before we start.”

     “Okay I’ll ask Bullocks,” Yanis interjected, and continued, “But he leaves details like that to her. He might not know.”

     “True but it would be far better for him to ask her than for one of us, he wouldn’t arouse
suspicion…we would.”

     So as Yanis stepped over to the premier, Doobiz and I continued to reason out whom to
approach. After all even if Evelyn wasn’t a spy, any body else present could be.

     “They weren’t!”

     “What was that,” Doobiz asked.

     “They weren’t invited,” Yanis responded.

     “Where’s Evelyn from,” Doobiz asked.

     “She’s not from any of the Gamboozian worlds. Her people crashed here long ago, she was born here as a matter of fact. Born in the U.S.A. Bullocks knew her parents, they came from Guanos. Her father was very close to Bullocks, he was his mentor as a matter of fact. Bullocks comes from Nextousia, and when her dad passed he adopted her when she was still a pre teen. She’s fiercely loyal to him.”

      “Where is next usa?”

      “It’s Nex too si ah, Nextousia! It’s a world in the Klatu Nextoos galaxy which is parallel to the Knousian galaxy. That galaxy is diametrically opposite to the Gamboosian’s. There are but a few intelligent worlds in that system, and as far as she knows her people were the only ones who ever came here. They were able to read minds, her parents could, but they were the only survivors. After a long time her mother had her here. Though she didn’t inherit their ability, she does posses a most impressive mind, she can remember the most unbelievable minutia.”

      At the moment it occurred to me that the bogus Doobiz had not only called me Orniz but that he had my home number.

      “You know Yanis that bogus mofo not only called me Orniz, he called me at home. So
how in hell did he get my number? Does Evelyn keep a database and does she just arbitrarily give out that info?”

     “Yea, if she can remember everything, then she should remember me, or who ever it was that asked for Orniz’s number you know. I should ask her,” Doobiz interjected.

      “No, no let me do that and I’ll get right back to you. She and I have a rapport and she’ll tell me just about any thing.”

      “Since when,” Doobiz asked.

      “A few moments ago, she practically told me her life’s story, man.” He grinned.

      “Yanis if there was a bogus Doobiz, there was also a bogus you,” I interrupted, and continued. “Those mofoes screwed with our friendship. I’m really pissed at them right now Yanis. They invaded my life and screwed with my family. You guys are my family, we are the
only Aranjayions here. What they did is unforgivable.”

     “I feel your pain bro, and I really want to get them too, man.” Doobiz added.

     “You guys are right!”

     “So what do we do?”

     “I’ll ask her anyway. If she says I did, and I don’t remember ever doing that, then we’ll know for sure there are copies of us running around. My mind isn’t as spectacular as hers, but I know what I damn well know. Doobiz already saw a dumb ass with my looks out on the coast. So we have to assume there’s an Orniz running around out there too.”

      The three of us nodded our heads in agreement, as Yanis stepped away and headed towards her. They hugged and walked over to the bar as they chatted away. They looked more than chummy and it made me wonder if there was something going on with them. She seemed to glow around him, and they seemed a little more than friendly. Were they involved I mused. He had never said anything, but they sure looked tight to me.

      “Doobiz! Do you have your mag with you,” I asked.

      “Pal, I never leave home with out it. Do you,” he responded with a grin.

      “Why,” I padded my side pocked with a smile.

      “Dude we should go out on the balcony; do our thing, walk back in here, and listen
in on all of them. They’ll never know.”

     “That is really way cool Doob, but let’s see if Yanis has his too,” I responded.

     “Yea, the more the merrier, let’s hope he does.”

 We went back to the bar, and as we got our drinks Yanis joined us.

      “Man, this is really getting sticky. She says I asked her for your number a few days ago. The mofo said he forgot. Since it was me, she didn’t hesitate. She doesn’t give out information just like that. With her mind she doesn’t need nor want a staff, she says it’s safer that way. She knows everybody here by name.”

      “Weren’t you out on the other side of the planet at the time,” I asked.

      “Yea, but I was on my way back. I did talk to her on route, and it’s possible the asshole
could’ve called her right after I did.”

     “Yea, and the next day the mofo calls me.”

     “That does add up,” Doobiz agreed.

     “Yanis, do you have your mag,” I asked.

     “Orniz you know I never leave home without it.”

     “We want to go stealth here, check every body out,” Doobiz blurted out.

     “Great idea, because at this moment Evelyn can’t help us, and for sure there are spies here. Anyone of these peeps could be bogus.”

     We agreed and slipped out to the balcony. There we smiled at one another, and vanished. When we went back inside, Yanis strolled over to the right, Doobiz to the left and I went down the middle. We had all night to find, discover, something anything. I was a little concerned because I still hadn’t said anything about Jokid calling me in the morning. I was hoping we could get something to strategize with before then. Anyway, at least I now had allies and the head man in charge knew all about it.

      At these gatherings we all spoke English, because there were just too many different
languages. Not only each one’s native tongue, but many here lived in different countries and spoke their dialect. Though once in a while there was the sound of an alien utterance whispered here and there. People everywhere are like birds, we flock amongst our own. So although every one mingled about, there were groups here and there of people who either came from the same world or at the least the same galaxy. I always find it amazing, especially finding inter galactic couples. Damn, I’m sure one to notice such things. After all I’m in an inter-galactic union myself. Truly the Creator made us all in the same image. If it weren’t so, such unions would be impossible. Everyone speaking English made our task so much easier, but those alien utterances made for an enigmatic moment. The look on their faces sometimes helped to understand that perhaps they were just being a little homesick. They were just whispering some endearing phrase, and nothing more…nothing threatening. Thank goodness there was no need for bulky translators. For the most part they were just wondering what Bullocks had to say. I wandered about, keeping my eyes and ears open. There was nothing unusual to see or hear. There was no indication of or any awareness of conspiracy or danger. They were like guests at an Antebellum Era ball unaware of the approaching Sherman. I couldn’t fathom or see any danger here at all, and hoped Yanis and Doobiz had better luck.

       Then suddenly as I was walking back to the balcony, I heard two guys from Govno and another from Conyo, whispering about some kind of conspiracy. They
were fishing because both of them were clueless, neither knew anything. But for
all I knew any of them could have been a spy. I walked a little further and another group of people from Putana, Whanker, Pigu, Khaneeth and Merday were doing the same. Again none of them knew anything they were just exploring a rumor. Perhaps one of them was a spy and may have been trying to stir up trouble. But honestly none of them seemed to have a clue. They all came from worlds so far apart, that only here in this unknown cosmic melting pot could they have come together. I felt that none of them had any knowledge of what was happening. But somehow a rumor was afloat. Maybe someone like myself, had also heard those nuts up on the moon, and was going around playing Sherlock. No
doubt everyone had heard about it, and all of them were trying to find out the real deal. There was smoke everywhere, and we were all trying to find the fire. We needed to put it out. One thing was for certain there were spies amongst us. Perhaps one or more of the guest was also a clone. I continued strolling back to the balcony. As I slowly walked back, I over heard more people jawing about the rumor. It sounded at times like the yada yada in a movie, all gobbledygook. They came from every known Galaxy and world. Suddenly I started to connect some dots, and realized there were quite a few Gamboozians. Perhaps because that Galaxy was closer to us, and there were so many intelligent worlds in it. There were Whankers and Putanas, Conyos and Pendehoes, Toi Nouns and Merday, some
Dummbatz, and Shmenahs too. I’m sure the guys felt like I did, the Merday had to be a part of it. After all they were the only ones capable of producing such perfect clones. The Whankers were expansionist and at one time they were
in league with the Merday, so maybe they were in cahoots. Oh, the Toi Nouns were a part of that evil axis too. So they also had to be suspects. We could rule out the Dummbats, because they had experienced first hand the horrors of  Whanker expansionism. The Pigu also shared that experience. The Conyos and Pendehoes abhorred the slaughter they caused at one time so they too were out. The Shmenah were indebted to the Whankers so they could also be in on it. The Govnos held them to a stalemate at one time, and they along with the Kaks, and Khaneeths once held them at bay until peace was established…after a long bloody truce. If anybody wanted to colonize this world it had to be the Whankers. So the Whankers, Merdays, Toi Noun, and Shmenahs were the ones to avoid during in our investigation. The odds were they were the culprits. That left everybody else out, and surely some of them had stumbled on to  something. Perhaps like us, they too were trying to figure out whom to trust.
I reappeared on the balcony mulling over the situation when Yanis put his arm around my shoulders, and asked:

      “What have you got bro?”

     He looked troubled as he looked out unto Fifth Avenue below. It was lit up with holiday lights, and at night it resembled a famous boulevard back on Aranjaynion.

      “I want to go home too you know,” I whispered.

      He nodded his head, smiled, and I continued,

      “I think we can rule out most of them, except for the Merday, Toi Noun, Whankers and


     “Why is that,” Doobiz asked as he reappeared.

     “Well, the Merday are the only ones that can make the damned clones.”

      “How about the others,” Doobiz asked.

      “Well the Whankers were, not too long ago, expansionist. Since this world is not within their federation’s parameters, they may believe it’s legal game. I think they would love to colonize it. The Merday were their allies once and so were the Toi Noun. They may be in league with them.”

      “And the Shmenahs?”

      “They were once and may still be indebted to them, so I wouldn’t rule them out.”

      “So Doobiz, what did you come up with…anything?”

      “I pretty much came to the same conclusions as you. They’re all out there jawing about something, though none of them seems have a clue about anything. But they do feel something’s amiss.”

     “We’re all on the same page,” Yanis added, and continued, “So what do we say to Bullocks?”

      “We need to talk to all of them and see if any of them knows anything. It’s possible that
someone out there, hell maybe more than one person overheard that conversation on the moon. They could be out there looking for some one to trust.”

      “True and the damned mofoes responsible could be out there looking to find anybody who overheard them. They probably want to take them out, and they won’t be missed because they’ll just replace them.”

      “No doubt they intend to take them out. We have to be careful Orniz,” Yanis added.


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