Watching them throw Doobiz into a van, I felt really bad for him, he didn’t deserve that.
Suddenly I felt a sudden rage and wanted to exterminate these creeps, but I realized I needed to consider the bigger picture. I wanted to find out who they were, and taking them
out wouldn’t have accomplish that. So I walked around and watched them, noted the plate
on their van, which was probably stolen, and memorize their faces.

      They couldn’t afford to leave him there and expose our presence here. That would be a nightmare for all of us. Though our DNA is similar, and we are genetically compatible there
are startling differences between us. Our insides are perfect, we have no imperfections, and by our hair they can determine our age. It would astound them since we can live several
hundred years, yet look like a healthy thirty something. I shuddered at the thought of
national security people swarming all over this. Never mind the local cops, and the media.
For sure those kooks with their flying saucer stories would bring all the nuts into the area. It
would be another Roswell circus, and I remember well how that was like. I have a
photographic memory it’s one of my people’s abilities, and I stared into each one of their
faces. Though I didn’t recognize any of them, I would never forget them. They were now in my cross hairs, and I was going to take them out one by one. Walking around the car to the driver’s side I got the shock of my life. Sitting there behind the steering wheel, directing the
operation was my pal…Yanis. I went numb, my knees buckled, and suddenly I knew why he
was too busy to meet with me.

     As I looked at him he looked straight at me and smiled, I almost blew it. Then I realized there was no possible way he could know I was standing there, looking at him. A moment
went by and as I walked away,  I and saw one of his guys. He was by himself looking in the
bushes. I was overwhelmed with rage,  went over, pick up a heavy rock and smashed him
over the head. He was out cold, and maybe dead, I don’t know. When I went through his pockets, looking for his wallet, my mag made him invisible too. So I took my time. I found his wallet, but there was no identification in it, just a few business cards. I wanted to know who he was. But no such luck, so I ran back to my car, looked through it again, and found a few hundred bucks in a secret pocket. It was useless, so I threw it out the window. With tears that couldn’t drop, sadly I sat there and watched the van pull away with poor Doobiz. I wanted to contact his people, his wife, but I didn’t know how. So not realizing I was still invisible, I pull out of the parking lot and started to go home.


      Damn, it was a squad car. I slowed down, pulled over and waited for the cop to come to me. Suddenly I realized my mag was still on, so I clicked it, and as the trooper came over to the window I became visible again. I panicked, but so do did he…I saw his knees wobble. He turned as pale as the moon above, and

     “Aba ba ba!”

      “I beg your pardon officer!”

      “I’m sa sa sorry, pal!” He smiled and walked away shaking his head, muttering something about doughnuts, and too much damned sugar. It was Halloween and the incident must have freaked him out. For a second there, I wanted to laugh but the fact that Doobiz had just died stopped me.

      My mind was all over the place, and I wondered if they had seen me. It was dark, and Doobiz was just briefly in the restaurant. So maybe they just waited for him to come out, perhaps they just waited until he returned to his car. It was dark and perhaps they didn’t see me. I was worried about Gloria and the kids. I called home but no one picked up the damned phone. So since the trooper was out of sight I dialed up the radius on my mag to include the car. Being invisible has its advantages sometimes. With the trooper out of sight I put the pedal to the medal and hurried over. I was relieved to see our wagon in the drive way. As I walked up I saw the kids running around through the window, and I felt the angst fade from my chest. Everything was fine, but I still didn’t know who was involved in this thing, and my heart was heavy with grief for Doobiz. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was the only one from back home in this world. Doobiz was dead, and Yanis as far as I knew was a part of this malevolent group that was so intent on bringing doom to all of us. I took a few deep breaths before I opened the door, and

     “Daddy daddy!”

      They saw me walking up, opened the door and jumped on me with their precious hugs. I was overjoyed again. Then my smile faded as I saw Yanis seated on the couch, enjoying a glass of water, and yapping away with Gloria. My heart sank, but my poker face automatically showed up. I’m not good at it, but this was a life or death game. I was anxious to see what he had to say. But before I could get over to him, he stood up and gave me a big bear hug, and

     “What happened guy, where have you been?”

      “Oh man, it’s a long story and where to begin, uh.”

      “You look like you’ve seen a ghost, man.”

      He didn’t know how right he was, him being there like that, and after I saw what he and his goons did. Somehow I kept up my poker face, even Gloria couldn’t tell how I really felt. She got a cold bottle of water from the fridge,

      “Here hon, relax a bit!”

      “Yea dude sit and breath, relax, man.”

      “Yanis what have you been up to?”

      “Oh we’re still trying to figure out a way to transmit without a power surge.”

      “So how goes it really?”

     “Same old man, but we keep trying there must be a way.”

      “Yanis, you’re staying for dinner?” Gloria interjected.

      “No, no I just wanted to come by and see that everything’s okay with you guys. You’re the only family I have, you know. Orniz has never cancelled a date with me, so I wanted to be sure you were all okay. Now that I see you are, I have to run. We’ll get together real soon dude, and then you can tell me all about it.”

      He got up, hugged Gloria, patted me on the shoulder, and practically ran out of the

     “Gotta go man,” he smiled as he closed the door behind him.

     I started up the stairs to our bedroom with Gloria behind me,

      “Orn, what’s going on?”

      I was quiet until we were are the top of the stairs, then I asked her,

      “How long has Yanis been here?

      “Oh about a half hour…why?”

      “What did you guys talk about?”

      “Oh nothing really, simple chit chat. He wanted to know where you were. He was concerned about you. Why?”

      “It’s a long, long story,” I responded. I didn’t say another word until we were in our bedroom. After what I had seen, I didn’t trust Yanis, and didn’t want to take a chance on him having placed a bug in our living room.”

      Once she was sitting on the bed next to me I told her everything. Except for the part about having seen Yanis leading the whole thing. But I did tell her about the cop, and his response about the doughnuts and sugar. She almost laughed, but quickly stifled it, and just looked at me with a tear in her eye.

      “Oh poor Doobiz,” she moaned.

      She had never met him, but the fact that he was a pal of mine, and that I saw him die made her very sad. Then after a while her eyes opened wide, she looked at me as if she had seen a ghost, and she was afraid.

      “Don’t worry they never saw me,” I reassured her, and continued. “They have no idea I know anything. I have the number Doobiz gave me, and tomorrow morning I’m going to call Jokid. We’ll see what he and Doobiz were into and how much he and his people know. I want to know how many of them there are, and you know see what’s going on. Right now I just want to relax with you, and I’m not going to worry about anything. We’re safe here.”

      Our home is fortified with a system that can keep an army out. If anybody comes within even a few yards with evil intentions, I get an instant warning. With my magun I can handle anything. Also, under our pool we have a small ship that can take us to the moon. We can enter it from the basement, and take off at a moment’s notice. If I’m not home and something happens, Gloria and the kids can hide in it until I get home. So I wasn’t worried. All I needed was a good night’s sleep. I wasn’t hungry either, I lost my appetite, and I had a nice buzz from the water. We put the kids to bed, I followed and went to sleep. Tomorrow would come soon enough.

     At breakfast I scoured the papers and of course there was no mention about last night. There was an item about a scuffle at Juanito’s but that was all. It didn’t even make the local news. For sure those goons picked up the guy I laid out. I’m sure that cop didn’t say anything about ghostr doughnuts either. I suppose I knew nothing would come up. After all they used lasers, not guns. So there wasn’t any noise, nobody heard anything.

      After breakfast I dialed Jokid’s number but nobody answered, and I didn’t leave a message. I wanted it to be one on one the first time and not one on a machine. So I after the fourth ringy dingy I ended the call. It was still early and I didn’t a have clue on what to do next. So I went down to the basement. I looked around and figured I might as well check out the ship. I opened the secret door behind the bar, and went down the stairs. They led down under the pool, and to our ship. I wanted to make sure everything was up to snuff. I thought of a short shake down cruise, especially since we hadn’t used it in a while. But there wasn’t any time. I checked the console to be sure all dials, buttons and systems were working. Especially the magun stealth controls, all buttons, and switches; laser cannons, and the pool door controls. I really didn’t know what was going on, what might happen…what to expect, but I wanted to be ready for anything.

      “Orn, Orn!”

        Gloria was hollering into the basement, I could hear her voice echoing from the basement walls into the ship’s audio system. She sounded worried, so I climbed out and ran
up the stairs.

      “It’s that guy Ja Ja …


      “Yea, him!”

      “I wonder how he got my number I never got to talked to him.”

      “So maybe he has caller ID, talk to him now, he’s on hold.”

      “Jokid,” I answered the phone.


      “Ornious here.”

      “Yea, I just found out about Doobiz, and I hate that we have talk under these circumstances.”

     “Yea, he died right in front of me.”


      “How did you get my number and how did you find out about him.”

      “Well he told me that if anything should ever happen to him, that I should call you. He was supposed to meet with you last night.”

      “That’s when he died. He gave me your number, and told me to call you if anything happened. He never finished his sentenced…he was zapped. We were sitting in his car and for sure I thought I was going to be next, so I ran out of there as fast as I could.”

      “So why didn’t you call me?”

      “It was late, I though it would be better to I call you in the morning.”

      “Too bad his wife had to find out like that.”

      “Howzat again?”

      “Well if you had called me, I would’ve told her in a more compassionate manner.”

      “I wanted to tell someone, but I didn’t know who or where to call. I hadn’t heard from him in a long time.”

      “So how did she find out?”

       “It was on our community’s online news letter. It said he was mugged, and shot with a revolver.”

       “A revolver!”

       “Yes, it’s so bogus, and she just knows something terrible happened. She knew what he was doing. He told her everything.”

      “So what now?”

      “We have to meet.”

      “Do you think it’s safe?”

      “I really don’t know, but we need to meet. We have to act, we need to do something.”

      “I agree.” There was a long pause, silence, and I thought of telling him that Yaniz was

involved, but I didn’t know if I could trust him. If he was the one who set Doobiz up? Then again Doobiz did give me his number. Then he responded,

      “How about we meet at a public place? Make it look like an accident, you know like we
haven’t seen each other in a long time.”

     “Ummm…yea, that could work.”

     “Yea they, whom ever they are, don’t even know we know each other.”

     “So when and where?”

     “It has to been soon, man, real soon. I have a lot tell you.”

     “Me too,” but I wasn’t going to tell him anything until I found out who he was, what he knew, and who else was in on it with him. Also, I hoped it wasn’t just him and Doobiz.”

      “Do you like art?”

      “Come again?”

      “There’s a new art gallery opening in the city, down in SOHO. We could sort of run into one another, make a big deal out of it.”

      “A spectacle!”

      “Yea, but it would have to be convincing. We don’t know if anybody’s following me or you.”

      “Sounds good to me, we can share a meal and talk.”

      “We have a plan!”

      “When does the gallery open?”

      “Tomorrow just happens to be their grand opening.”

      “There will be a lot of people there, uh.”


      “So…how about two?


      “But hey, I’ve never met you, how will I recognize you?”

      “Okay, I’m 6’ about 175 lbs. I rather look kind of Italian, I have a large nose. I’ll wear a

brown beret with a brown turtleneck and my black leather coat.”


     “Look why don’t we just call each other on our cell when we get there, and tell each other where we are.”

     “Works for me, see you then.” He hung up, and I went back to my ship.

      There was nothing I could do about what he knew, didn’t know or who was with him. All I could do was carry my magun. I knew none of our cosmic expatriates had any thing like it. They didn’t even suspect we had one. So far we never had any reason to use them, except for when we first crashed. If not for them we would have been caught. At any rate only my people as far as I knew had them. Now there were only two of us who had them, Yanis and I, and he was in the enemy camp. The only thing I could do was carry it with me twenty four seven.

      I didn’t have any information to make any kind of preparation for any kind of situation.
Gloria and I were playing it on the fly, she was ready to pack the kids into the ship, and I had my magun. If we had to leave we were going to the moon, we would be safe there. Jokid was concerned about what to wear, but I didn’t give a damn. All I wanted was to be informed, to prepare for battle. It would take me about 2 hours to get into the city so at eleven in the morning I headed out. I knew we were supposed to meet at two, but you never know what kind of conditions you’ll meet on the road, so I left with plenty of time.

      It’s expensive parking in the city, but it’s worth it, it’s better than being towed. I never found out if he lived in the city or where for that matter. I arrived with a half hour to spare, found a garage close by, and played the tourist. I lived there for a while and blended right in with the hippies a long time ago. Damn, it seems like yesterday. They were an amusing dumb bunch with some really nitwit ideas about what we looked liked. We laughed at and right along with them, and the movies at the time were truly hilarious. Outright asinine! It’s amazing because one of this world’s religion’s books says the Creator made them in HIS image. So why would HE not make all intelligent creatures in his image. Why would HE make some like ants, lizards or some other monstrous being? It belies their intelligence. Also, the idea that people who have harnessed the magnetic field, and travel among the stars, would have some kind of ancient barbaric duel. That is truly rich…hilarious. They projected their primitive notions on us, and had no idea we’re all alike, and pretty much want the same things. The one thing that made us nervous, even now, was the constant wars, and uncontrolled passions, especially lust. It seems to us they live in a
constant rut. The drugs didn’t bother us, at least not my people. But we have at least several dozen different cosmic ethnicities here. We come from different Galaxies through out the cosmos. Perhaps some of them do get a reaction from their drugs. But I know we didn’t. It was indeed a most entertaining time. The place had changed, the clothes had changed, the stores had changed, but considering all things, everything really remained the same. These creatures are people, just like us, going about their different concerns. They have no clue we walk amongst them. I only hoped it stayed that way. But if Yanis and his cohorts pulled off their selfish stunt, the jig would be up, and everybody everywhere would know we are here.

      It was almost two o’clock when I noticed the bunting on a rather large store front on
Broadway. It was celebrating a grand opening. Overhead I noticed, “We R Galleries,” in large gold letters on a green back ground. In the window were paintings of scenes from some science fiction movies of the last fifty years. I smiled as I wondered if this was the place, when my cell started to vibrate.


      “Yanis! How are you?”

      “Where are you?”

      “Oh, I’m out of town, looking at a piece of land.” It was Yanis, and not wanting to sound
alarmed I told him I was out of town.

     “Looking at real estate!” He blurted out, and continued, “I though you were happy where you are?”

      “Oh we are, it’s just that the kids like horses. So I’m looking for a place close by, where we can move, and they can get ponies.”

      “Oh okay, I just thought it might be a good time to meet and catch up.”

      “That’s a great idea, how’s tomorrow?’

      “Great I’ll call you in the morning.”

      “Looking forward to it.”

       He hung up, and the vibrations started again.

      “Mr. Ornious, it’s Jokid, where are you?”

      “Yea, where are you?”

      “Right across the street from the gallery,” he responded.

      “You said SOHO, and since you never told me the name of the gallery, I came down to the village.”

      “Yea, all night long I felt there was something amiss, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. So now we know, uh…it’s called, “We R Gallaries.”

      “Well pal, I’m right in front of it.”


      “Yes, I’m staring right through the front window.”

      “As I said I would, I’m wearing a brown beret and a brown turtle neck. I’m looking over there right now and I think I see you. Why don’t you lift your left hand and scratch the back of your neck. I want to be sure it’s you, okay.”

      Instinctively I turned around. I didn’t want to join Doobiz in the here after as I scratched the back of my neck.


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