We live among you

     In the span of a hundred years our community grew. In hindsight the years slipped by, and who would have believed so many others from so many different places would be stranded here too. For thousands of years many different peoples have been coming here, and sometimes some helped the different civilizations. Sometimes some crashed here and were never able to return. Since about a hundred years ago though, there have been a series of mishaps, accidents, and crash landings leaving people here unable to leave, nor to make contact with their people. In that span many have discovered each other, some have even inter married and become family with the creatures here. They went native, but you can’t blame them because after all we’re all human beings. Some of the natives here are so damned attractive, handsome and just outright gorgeous. Indeed people all over are really just the same, it’s just a matter of evolution, and believe it or not some here have great potential to evolve. After all evolution is but a simple spiritual development. But sometimes simple things are the hardest to understand. Some early Christians discovered this simplicity and were called saints. So as simple as it is, it is also the most difficult to achieve. At any rate, realizing there were others, many went forth to find like souls. The result has been a thriving community, working together to find ways back home. We do what we do with as much secrecy as is possible, without alerting the people. So they don’t know for certain. Oh there are rumors, notions, some say superstitions, others say foolishness. Many believe those people are drug addicts hallucinating, and you can’t trust what they say about what they think they’ve seen. If not junkies then rummies or for sure dependent on medications. We don’t really care. What ever works to keep the truth out of the light is just fine with us. So here we are stuck on this blue pebble orbiting a yellow sun, blessed with water, protein and flora. Back home most of us lost these gifts long ago. We’ve created artificial replacements, though not as beautiful or esthetic, they are functional and our lives continue. It saddens us to see it happening here too. All of us came from different places, yet we long to return home, but the technology here is so dreadful…primitive. Every time somebody made an attempt to return, or contact home, to send a message, it resulted in some kind of calamity. Tunguska, Roswell, and various blackouts we’ve managed to keep quiet with our people in the various national governments. When we tried to advance science here, horrible events took place…just terrible. We almost ended life here with two world wars.. Then there’s the element of greed. When Tez tried to give this world free energy, like we have back home, the entrepreneurs stopped him. They couldn’t figure out how to make a profit, so they isolated him. He died of a broken heart waiting for help that was never to come. But we’re lucky nobody knows we exist.

They do not even suspect we’re here. So the events as we have come to call them have been blamed on the sun, the weather or an accident blamed on some poor laborer. In a hundred years we’ve changed, no, that’s not a good word…we’ve evolved their science so that we can reach our people. But the real problem, as many of us have come to realize, is there are so many of us from so many different worlds. We believe everyone will claim this world, and war may result, no it indeed will come. It’s only a matter of time. Splitting the atom was easy, but little did we realize how these primitive minds would misuse its power. Fusion will help us move forward, but past experience has taught us to avoid letting this world learn about it. So we secretly continue to build our reactor, and then all of our different projects will one day enable us to rebuild ships or to create primitive communicators to reach into the void and contact our people. When that time comes they will come for us, and when they realize what a paradise we’ve stumbled upon they will war for it.

     Our inter-galactic community is one of common interest, and our people live through out the globe. Many have high profile positions in the different governments, social strata, universities, military even entertainment. To keep things balanced, and to avoid creating any more events that will alarm the population, we’ve established laws to govern ourselves. We don’t want anybody to jump the gun, pilot a ship into the atmosphere, crash and expose us. We also don’t want people sending messages into the void. The people here are at the edge of great discovery…they’ve come a long way. Still though they’re far from understanding things, they can detect great power outages. Any device capable of reaching any of our home worlds will have an intense power outage. The Alpha governments here will notice. We hate to think of the trouble that will cause. Certainly it would expose us, and our presence will create a great disturbance. So we’ve established a police force to make sure our laws work. Enabling us to co-operate, and keep our more enthusiastic people from causing unintended trouble. 

     Our common goals are to reach our people and go home, and as quietly and secretly as we can. So we keep in constant touch through social media, meetings, phone, and even once in a while festivities. We like to have a party on occasion. They’re an opportunity to more intimately connect, share information, and keep abreast of our developments.

     It was at an afternoon soiree that I learned of a secret group on the verge of polishing off a sort of primitive IGT…an inter galactic texting device. They’re getting ready to transmit, but at the moment there’s seems to be a struggle among them as to where the first message will go. The group is composed of several bright minds from a few different galaxies, and they all want to contact their own world first. They also have a bigger problem in that their primitive gizmo can only transmit one message. Then it will take a month to re-energize. At the moment it’s a big secret. But if it got out that we had such a device, everybody would want to reach out to their home. That could indeed start violence within the community, violence that could certainly spread through to the world at large. Just like during the great wars of this world in the past century. At that time some of our people took sides in petty squabbles that led to war, hoping to get an edge and build a ship to go home. Some in high positions in Germany confided to their superiors, and the Nazis conned them. They learned to build rockets, to split t the atom, and build weapons, jets, and almost destroyed this world. That forced many of us to join the other side of the struggle to put end to the ongoing catastrophe. Funny though some people believe Adolph and his forces were able to build a small ship, and escape this world. But no one knows for sure, or where he went or how many he was able to take with him. It’s all speculation, but it was highly probable, and indeed very possible. He had the technology. He may still be out there because our ships travel through time, it’s a part of space travel. If we couldn’t travel through time, we wouldn’t be able to visit other worlds and return home to our families. So he may well be out there waiting for an opportunity to return and start anew.

     Anyway, now because of the IGT conspiracy, it seems that the whole thing may start all over again. We have to stop the group before they create a horrible situation that will destroy everything we’ve done. These civilizations now have hydrogen and even neutron bombs. There are some of them who won’t hesitate to use these weapons, and it could bring an end to all life here.

      We’re all from different worlds, different galaxies, and so different things affect each of us differently. Some of us like my people get intoxicated drinking fresh water. Others on sea water, still others on fruits or their juices. Several different groups get a buzz on salt, garlic or the different spices. Some people become intoxicated with carbonated drinks, and others still are just like the people here, and enjoy their assorted alcoholic beverages. There’s so much damned booze here. Indeed this place is like the proverbial horn of good and plenty, and none of us really knows how anything is going to affect us until we try it.

     At our parties folks lounge about inebriating themselves with the different refreshments with great abandon. The parties are off world at our home away from home on the other side of the moon. It’s the only place where we can have a gathering without worrying about being discovered. But after the moon landing in 1969 we became some what circumspect. Thank goodness their technology has not allowed them to venture too far out. Indeed they haven’t been able to take a trip and explore the dark side. So until they do we’re pretty safe. If they do, or when they do, we can always go to Mars. But it will be a long time before they actually go there.

     We have small ships that allow us to travel about this solar system, and we do to study it, and to remind ourselves that we aren’t from this world. Sometimes we tend to forget that we’re not from here. You start enjoying this paradise and you forget. It’s easy. Our problem is that we’ve not yet been able to build a vessel that can take us out into the void, so that we can go home. The governments of this world have stolen our wrecks, and so the ships we’ve been able to build have been built from scratch. The wrecks contain what we need to build a ship that can take us home. But getting them back is almost impossible because every major government has an area fifty one. The Chinese, the Russians, and the Brits all have one. These areas are heavily guarded and it’s almost impossible to get our property back. But we can travel about around here. We also have stealth technology that allows us to travel back and forth at will without fear of being discovered. Over the years we’ve collaborated and built a very large underground moon complex. It’s where we can relax and discuss the progress of our different projects. If you wonder how we finance all of this, well…there are many valuable minerals here. There are so many for us to mine without being discovered. But we get what we need to exist, to finance our projects, and to build our ships. We hope to one day, soon, build a ship that will take us to a location where we can all contact our different peoples; a place where they can have a conclave, and reach an amicable understanding about this world. Most of us want this world to stay as it is and
let the people here evolve at the pace providence has set in place. It is not our desire to upset those parameters. But the renegade group has done the unthinkable, the forbidden. They’ve gone on their on their own have and built an IGT without telling the rest of us. They may want to make contact with their people with the hope of colonizing this world. We don’t know for certain, but we can’t take that chance.

     After dinner that night we put the kids to bed, then my wife and I got comfortable and went over the situation. My wife is from this world, she knows all about me, but the kids do not. Even though she knew that I will outlive her for many years, she still married me. When she crosses over to the other side, I will be the one who suffers. I’ll be all alone. I’m the one who fell for her first, though I knew what would one day happen. Still her beauty and marvelous soul rocked my feet from under me. As for the kids we do not know how that will turn out, some may turn out like me and have my longevity, and some may not. We have three, two boys and a girl in the middle. Methinks they all look like her, but she believes they look like me. It has always been our hope to take them to my world when and if it happens in her lifetime. I will definitely get a going over for marrying her, if it happens, but we will be able to extend her life there.

     Water is like wine to me, and so we sat on the porch looking at the stars in the night sky with a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem. She loves sweet wines. Unfortunately I find wine, sweet or dry, quite tasteless. So as I drank my bottle of cold water, she sat silently close to me enjoying her vino. For a long time we silently contemplated the stars in the night, as we enjoyed a cricket’s symphony. She has a hard time trying to see where my world is, and I refuse to look because my heart aches for it. Being able to see my home and not being able to go back…it’s difficult to explain. But her presence comforts me, the pain dissipates, and vanishes.

     “So what do you propose to do about this group,” she asked.

      “I haven’t the faintest,” I replied.


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